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  1. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Architectural Digest Editor-in-Chief Amy AstleyOn making a magazine remotely, WFH interruptions, and giving readers a “big wow.”
  2. printed matter
    Amy Astley Is Leaving Teen Vogue After 13 YearsAnd joining Architectural Digest.
  3. spanish fly
    Amy Astley’s Spanish Skills Are Sub-BloombergianAccording to a reliable source (Amy Astley’s kids).
  4. if it ain’t broke
    The Most Consistent Haircuts in Fashion WorldAnna, Grace, Karl, and others whose hair is so iconic, it should be trademarked.
  5. don’t weight up
    Teen Vogue Was Apparently Rude to Protesters YesterdayAlso, they gave the activists free copies of the magazine.
  6. don’t weight up
    Teen Vogue: Prepare for Tomorrow’s ProtestersThe same group that demonstrated against Seventeen magazine will pay a visit to the Condé Nast building tomorrow.
  7. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Anna Wintour Plays It Cool at Tommy HilfigerPerhaps hanging out with Nicki Minaj has rendered her immune to shenanigans.
  8. people who are noted
    Teen Vogue’s Amy Astley Has Some Thoughts on Thank-You Notes“Put in a few sentences about why you loved your Nintendo, or whatever.”
  9. loose threads
    Terry Richardson Photographs the Fanning SistersAlso, Kelly Mittendorf stars in an editorial for the December issue of Japanese ‘Vogue’.
  10. fashion u
    Random and Funny Insights From Jason Wu, Betsey Johnson, Proenza Schouler, and More at Teen Vogue’s Fashion UniversityApparently, wearing cute, knit beanies may help you score an internship.
  11. quotables
    For Amy Astley, Looking ‘Too Junior’ Is the ‘Kiss of Death’“Stylists play a major, major role in my world! Major!”
  12. loose threads
    Christina Hendricks Covers Harper’s Bazaar; Top Buyer Doubts the Appeal of MinimalismAlso, Jean Paul Gaultier can’t ride a horse or a bike.
  13. backlash
    Teen Vogue: ‘Is a GBF (Gay Best Friend) the New Must-Have Accessory for Teen Girls?’Amy Astley tried to do a bit of damage control after this story ran.
  14. teen tv
    Teen Vogue Is Developing Another TV ShowEditor-in-chief Amy Astley said the magazine has a “new TV show that we’re developing.”
  15. party lines
    Daphne Guinness Will Wear Her Seven-Inch Heels in the Snow; Other Fashion People Choose UggsUggs are tent-approved!
  16. loose threads
    H&M Profits Up; Another Nude Love Cover SurfacesAlso, L.E.I. launched a model search.
  17. loose threads
    Swaim and Christina Hutson Design Together Again; Madonna and Lourdes Debut Mom and Daughter Dolce & GabbanaAlso, the editor of ‘Teen Vogue’ shot a cameo for ‘Gossip Girl.’
  18. cult of personality
    Teen Vogue Working on a Secret New TV ShowBut Amy Astley doesn’t want to be on it.
  19. kids these days
    How to Get a Job at Teen VogueYou’d better be into vampires.
  20. in vogue
    Why Anna Wintour Isn’t Going AnywhereFor the last decade we’ve heard rumors of Anna Wintour’s imminent demise, and yet, she’s still running the show. Here’s a rundown of recent would-be usurpers to her throne.
  21. dress code
    Everyone Wants to Dress Like the ‘Gossip Girl’ CastTrend forecasters call the show “one of the biggest influences on how young women spend.” Shocking, no?
  22. model tracker
    ‘Teen Vogue’s Ali Michael Story Sends Mixed MessagesIn the June/July issue of ‘Teen Vogue,’ Ali Michael shares her story of weight struggles as an up-and-coming model.
  23. body issues
    Model Ali Michael on ‘Today:’ ‘I Hadn’t Had My Period in Over a Year’Model Ali Michael was on the ‘Today’ show this morning, talking about her experience at the Paris shows this past February, where she was told that her legs were too fat for the runways.
  24. show & tell
    It’s Kid Nation at the Tents!We love seeing children at the tents. Their youth reminds us that all human life is innocent and special and deserving of love, even those lives whose job it is to hold clipboards and scream all day. But today there were a lot of kids running about, and we couldn’t help but think there were a few business opportunities just waiting for a struggling young model looking to make an extra buck or two in New York’s thriving childcare industry.