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  1. Amy Sedaris Reveals Her Magical Greenwich Village ApartmentA home truly unlike any other.
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    Watch Justin Theroux Play an Astronaut Who Can’t Get It UpHe’s got a guest spot on At Home with Amy Sedaris.
  3. design hunting
    Where Amy Sedaris Buys Her Favorite Incense, Paper Flowers, and Miniatures“I like for things to look like they are going to come alive while you are sleeping.”
  4. men
    The Best Christmas Present for Men You Know Is Rubber TesticlesAmy Sedaris, noted genius, explains. 
  5. pet smart
    Amy Sedaris Is the OG Fashion Bunny PersonSorry, Cara.
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    Partiers of the Week: See Leo DiCaprio, Alexa Chung, and More Get WildBut first, guess who rode a camel?
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    Little Girl Is Mean to Vincent Gallo at Anna SuiListen, we know we’ve said a lot about Vincent Gallo that has been, shall we say, unflattering. But we can’t help that we noticed this: At Anna Sui’s show in the tents Wednesday afternoon, Gallo sat next to a little girl who spent most of the show leaning away from him and at one point held her invitation up between them. However, and here’s the shocker, we felt bad seeing that.