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Andrew Weir

  1. Exclusive Video: Scenes From a Model CastingArtsy footage of shirtless dudes and pretty ladies.
  2. fashion week preview
    ‘Walk for Me, Baby’: An Afternoon of Model CastingAndrew Weir inspects 400 girls on the eve of New York Fashion Week.
  3. the new silent film
    November’s Best Fashion VideosGoth, Pasolini, techno music, and Morrissey served as the primary references for our favorite fashion videos this month.
  4. body issues
    Why Models Make The Switch to Plus-Size Modeling? Sick of starving themselves, these women decided to stop promoting an unrealistic body ideal.
  5. model tracker
    What’s the Ultimate Job a Model Can Book These Days?Is it opening the Prada show? Or is it landing the cover of ‘Vogue’?