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    Good News, Your Cat Might Actually Care That You ExistA new study shows that cats can form attachments to their caretakers, like dogs and babies do.
  2. animal behavior
    Meet Cat-Fox, Your New RulerA new feline species was discovered in Corsica.
  3. animal behavior
    Your Cat Knows You’re Calling It — It Just Doesn’t CareA new study confirms that your cat is choosing to ignore you.
  4. The Challenge of Healing Animals Who Suffer From PTSDFor humans who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder, talk therapy can be a key part of recovery. For other species, that’s not an option.
  5. Cracking the Code of Your Pet’s Facial ExpressionsOne day, we might be able to read animal emotions as well as we do human ones.
  6. Dogs With OCD Are Helping Scientists Understand the Human VersionIn dogs, the disorder can manifest itself as compulsive tail-chasing, licking, or chewing.
  7. Pandas Have a Romantic Type, TooMaybe they wouldn’t be so bad at sex in captivity if we were better matchmakers.
  8. Turns Out Apes Are Pretty Good at Office Politics, TooThey may not have, you know, offices, but they can manipulate, plot takedowns, and build strategic alliances just as well as their human cousins.
  9. Meet the Funeral Therapy Dog Who Helps Mourners Process Their GriefHis name’s Kermit.
  10. Don’t Just Assume a Dog Is Cool With You Petting ItThere’s a right way to approach a dog you don’t know: playing it cool.
  11. Your Dog Can ‘Catch’ Your FeelingsA new study looks at emotional contagion between dogs and humans.
  12. Here’s Why Your Cat Loves Crawling Into Small SpacesAn explanation for that whole #Catsquare thing.
  13. Human Behavior Toward Animals Hasn’t Caught Up to the ScienceWe’ve seen massive growth in the scientific understanding of what animals think, know, and feel. But we sure aren’t acting like it.
  14. Here’s an Evolutionary Explanation for Your Dog’s Guilty FaceChewed up the furniture? Pooped on the rug? Time to bust out those big, sad eyes.
  15. Dogs Are Much Better Than We Knew at Reading Human ThoughtsNew research suggests they have something called “theory of mind,” once believed to be unique to humans.
  16. We’re Now One Step Closer to Knowing What Cats Are Actually Thinking▶️ Cats’ emotions break down into three categories …
  17. This Is Only the Third Time in 27 Years We’ve Seen This Mysterious Octopus▶️ A fascinating moment.
  18. How Both Sides of the Pit Bull Debate Get It WrongPit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon — now in paperback — warns against both deification and demonization of the breed.
  19. Your Cat’s Favorite Thing to Do Is Hanging Out With YouThe feeling is mutual, cat.
  20. Scientists Really Want You to Send Them Your Cat’s PoopWe already know our gut bacteria can influence our health and behavior. Researchers want to investigate the same thing in your pet.
  21. Chimpanzees Care for Dead Bodies the Same Way Humans DoFor the first time, scientists have observed another species handling the dead “in a socially meaningful way.”
  22. Your Dog’s Not Above Lying to You to Get a SnackMan’s best friend, unless treats are involved.
  23. Watch Underwater Footage of the Secret Life of Wild DolphinsNow we can see what they do when humans aren’t around.
  24. WATCH: This Is Why Scientists Taught Bees to Play SoccerIt was a test of their cognitive abilities.
  25. Why Your Dog’s Personality Is a Lot Like YoursNew research shows how pets adopt the traits of their owners.
  26. science of us
    How Dogs React When Their Humans Break UpYou’re in this together.
  27. Empathetic People Make the Best Dog WhisperersThe more empathy you have, the better you may be at decoding dogs’ facial expressions.
  28. Your Dog Really Loves Reggae MusicMusic — especially reggae and soft rock — helps dogs relax, a new study shows.
  29. One Way to Make Captive Whales Happier: Let Them ‘Skype’ Other WhalesA new paper argues that a sort of long-distance whale-chat system would improve the animals’ social lives.
  30. Scaredy-Cat Dogs Go Gray When They’re YoungerTheir distinguished looks may have been hard-earned.
  31. Pigs Become Optimists or Pessimists for the Same Reasons Humans DoIs the trough half-empty or half-full?
  32. Humans Aren’t the Only Animals Who Need GlassesA new discovery on blurry vision in the animal kingdom.
  33. Having a Best Friend Makes Chimpanzees Less Stressed About LifeOne more thing we have in common with our primate cousins.
  34. These Scientifically Soothing Videos Are Made to Calm Stressed PetsAnd they’re narrated by Doctor Who’s David Tennant.
  35. Your Dog Wants You to Be Quiet and Just Talk With Your Hands InsteadIf you want to get through to a dog, gestures work better than verbal commands.
  36. The Placebo Effect Might Work for Your Pet, TooSome researchers believe animals respond to placebos, even if they don’t understand how it happens.
  37. You Probably Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Kiss Your FaceContrary to popular belief, a dog’s mouth is not cleaner than yours.
  38. Apparently Dogs Can Tell Time With Their NosesEach day wears a new smell, and its hours mark changes in odors that only your dog is noticing.
  39. Bees May Have Feelings, and They’re Happiest With a Sugary SnackBees and I have that in common.
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    Pit Bulls Turn Out to Be Unexpectedly ChillChihuahuas, on the other hand, are tiny tough guys.
  41. A New Video Shows How Elephants Pay Their Respects to the DeadA mysterious mourning ritual.
  42. Your Dog Is Too Smart to Be Fooled by Your Fake Happy Voice“Who’s a big dummy? Who’s a big dumb boy?”
  43. Scientists Want You to Mail Them Your Dog’s SpitThey’re hoping dog DNA will help them understand some human diseases.
  44. Your Dog Wants Praise Even More Than It Wants a SnackWho’s a good boy?
  45. A Primatologist Just Took Sides in the Selfie Monkey’s LawsuitHe’s on team monkey.
  46. A New Study Says Your Dog’s Secretly Kind of a Selfish JerkLassie is a lie.
  47. Learn Something New About Evolution by Watching These Baby Monkeys SmileAn adorable way of understanding where our own facial expressions came from.
  48. You and Your Dog Share a Language: The Feelings Written on Your FacesScientists are trying to systematically decode canine facial expressions.
  49. Apparently Olympic Horses Have Their Own PsychologistsThey get their own masseuses, too.
  50. Gorillas Talk With Their Hands the Same Way Humans DoSome gestures mean the same thing across species.
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