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Animal Behavior

  1. A Talking Orangutan Can Help Us Understand How Humans Developed SpeechHis name’s Rocky, and he sounds eerily humanlike.
  2. The Slow Loris Is You at Happy HourThey are not happy when the booze is gone.
  3. Consider a Pet Llama or Wallaby, Scientists SuggestLooking beyond cats and dogs for a more exotic animal pal.
  4. Are Pets As Happy As Their Owners Think They Are?A new book explores the “ambiguous ethics” of pet-keeping.
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    Whales Cling to the Bodies of Their Dead Loved OnesA new study adds a sad item to the long list of reasons whales are fascinating, complex creatures.
  6. Zoo Elephants Need Friends and HobbiesSocial and mental stimulation may be even more important than the size of their enclosures.
  7. Pet Owners Have Been Trying to Guess for Years What Their Dogs See in the MirrorThemselves? Nothing at all?
  8. Baby Ducks Are Way Smarter Than We ThoughtAn adorable study on animal cognition.
  9. Goats: The New DogsThey look pleadingly to humans for help, just like dogs do.
  10. The Next Frontier of Linguistics Is Monkey ChatterLike human speech, it has its own set of rules.
  11. The Chicken Obsession That Defined Animal ResearchHow one guy’s weird fascination with his pet birds shaped what we know about animal behavior.
  12. These Tadpoles Hatch Super Fast to Avoid Getting Eaten by SnakesSometimes in less than seven seconds.
  13. Just Like Humans, Monkeys Shed Friends As They AgeMacaques: They’re just like us!
  14. You Can Train Your Cat to Do Your BiddingDogs aren’t the only ones who can learn.
  15. For Centuries, Animals Have Been Helping Us Understand Human SuicideHow the narrative has shifted over the years.
  16. Turns Out Sharks Have Personalities, TooSome are brave, some are wimpy.
  17. Your Dog Has an IQWhat new research on canine smarts may one day reveal about human intelligence.
  18. Humans Aren’t the Only Animals That Use Baby Talk With Their KidsBirds do it, too.
  19. What Does a Dog See in a Mirror?What a classic experiment can — and can’t — tell us about a creature’s sense of self.
  20. How Good Intentions Killed a Baby BisonThe sad story illustrates the need for nuance when considering animal thoughts and feelings.
  21. Animals Are Smarter Than Humans Give Them Credit ForA famed primatologist explains why people tend to look at animal intelligence all wrong.
  22. Your Dog Hates HugsThis is terrible news.
  23. Baboons Have a Hard Time Getting Over Tough Childhoods, TooTrauma in their early years follows them into adulthood — a finding that may have implications for human health.
  24. Dolphins Love to Talk About Their ProblemsNew research shows they have a special language for solving tricky tasks.
  25. This Baby Gorilla Is a Pretty Good Dancer, Even If It Doesn’t Understand RhythmScientists disagree on whether animals can keep a beat. Humans agree that this ape is adorable either way.
  26. Octopus Sneaks Away to Freedom in a Decent Impression of You Leaving Work EarlyInky’s story is remarkable, but it is not at all unique.
  27. These Are the Top Words People Say to Their DogsYou. Good. Gonna. Yay!
  28. World’s Loneliest Whale May in Fact Be the World’s Horniest WhaleNew Scientist just made this weird.
  29. These Inspirational Birds Hold Grudges Against Individual HumansThey learn to recognize the specific jerks who messed with their nests.
  30. Chimps Perform Rituals. Does That Make Them Spiritual?Separating fact from fiction in coverage of a new animal-behavior study.
  31. Serious Question: Can a Parrot Act As a Witness in Court?The bizarre case of Echo, “the parrot who saw too much.”
  32. Evolution May Have Killed Off Dogs That Weren’t Good BoysMan’s best friend had to get with the human-dominated program or get kicked off the evolutionary train.
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    Look, It’s a Dog in a Brain ScannerFor science. 
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    Elephants Yawn. Who Knew?Scientists didn’t until one was caught on video recently.