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Animal Cruelty

  1. pets
    New York Could Become the First State to Ban Declawing CatsThe practice has long been called “inhumane.”
  2. It’s a Horrible, Cruel Idea to Ride ElephantsDon’t be fooled by all those glamorous old films.
  3. fowl play
    Dude Beheads a Woman’s Chickens Because She Unfriended Him on FacebookBut, ya know, women are the crazy emotional ones!
  4. bros gone wild
    Man Drags Shark Out of Ocean for Tinder Picture, PresumablyLeft swipe!
  5. animal cruelty
    Puppy Tries Desperately to Escape Relationship With John MayerHaven’t you done enough damage?
  6. animal cruelty
    Australia Is Threatening to Kill Johnny Depp’s Dogs He has until Saturday to deport his two Yorkshire terriers, or else.