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Animal Intelligence

  1. Dogs Are Much Better Than We Knew at Reading Human ThoughtsNew research suggests they have something called “theory of mind,” once believed to be unique to humans.
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    What’s It Like to Be an Octopus?They have more neurons in their arms than their head, can squeeze through holes, and get into all sorts of mischief. What’s a philosopher to do?
  3. Old Dogs Are Getting Adopted Way More Often, and They’re Also Quite SmartWith a little bit of canine advocacy.
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    Squid Speak an Alphabet With Their SkinAnd their brains are really weird.
  5. The Evolutionary Reason Cats Are Badass LonersNot a pack animal.
  6. Scientists Finally Figured Out Why Whales Do Awesome Leaps Into the AirNow that’s a data breach.
  7. Thanks to Canine-Cognition Research, Everyone Now Wants Their Dog to Be a GeniusThe growing interest in animal intelligence has spilled out of academia and into the real world.
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    A Few Reasons Science Is Afraid of Animal ConsciousnessOr: Does a duckling think?
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    Octopuses Are ‘the Closest We Will Come to Meeting an Intelligent Alien’You don’t want to be speciesist about consciousness, do you?
  10. Dogs Understand Math, Sort OfThey don’t have numbers, but they know that two treats are better than one.
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    Apparently, Animals Dream of Learning, TooHumans aren’t the only creatures that get smarter with sleep.
  12. Bees Learn How to Solve Problems From Other BeesLooks like insects do “cultural transmission,” too.
  13. Your Dog Is Too Smart to Follow Your Dumb Human AdviceDogs will ignore human instructions if they figure out a better way to do things.
  14. Crows Continue to Be Terrifyingly IntelligentI, for one, welcome our new corvid overlords.
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    Whales Cling to the Bodies of Their Dead Loved OnesA new study adds a sad item to the long list of reasons whales are fascinating, complex creatures.
  16. Baby Ducks Are Way Smarter Than We ThoughtAn adorable study on animal cognition.
  17. You Can Tell Where a Wolf Is by the ‘Shape’ of Its Howl“Golden jackals have high, rising howls, running up and down the scales in bravura performances of control and speed.”
  18. Animals Are Smarter Than Humans Give Them Credit ForA famed primatologist explains why people tend to look at animal intelligence all wrong.