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  1. l'amour
    The Year’s Hottest Bachelor Is This Brainless Parisian SlimeThe Blob is a stunning organism with no brain and 720 sexes.
  2. let me tell you about my pet
    Let Me Tell You About My Pet: Skai Jackson on Otis“If I’m watching a movie, he’ll come and watch the movie with me. He loves movies.”
  3. fat bear week
    Praise Holly, America’s Fattest Bear and Role Model to AllFat Bear Week has come to a close, and crowned its enormous winner.
  4. dog science
    Study Shows Dog Owners Will Live Fur-Ever, Ha HaA new study finds dog ownership is associated with a lower risk of early death.
  5. too horny
    Horny Cat Needs Glucose Drip After All-Night Bone-a-ThonA cat needed fluid therapy after mating with five others in one night.
  6. celebrity pets
    Justin Bieber Says PETA Can ‘Suck It’The group criticized him for spending $35,000 on two exotic kittens.
  7. rip
    Ming, Legendary NYC Apartment Tiger, Has DiedRIP, Harlem prince.
  8. animals
    Creator of Labradoodle Regrets What He Has Wrought Upon This Planet“I opened a Pandora’s box and released a Frankenstein’s monster.”
  9. animal behavior
    Good News, Your Cat Might Actually Care That You ExistA new study shows that cats can form attachments to their caretakers, like dogs and babies do.
  10. let me tell you about my pet
    Let Me Tell You About My Pet: Yeardley Smith on Zipper and Petunia“So now I have this huge cat gym, which is basically the entire length of the stairway, that they don’t use. So I’m like, great. That’s awesome.”
  11. we tried this
    6 Animals Try Glossier-Themed Dog ToysDo they like Toy Brow as much as Mom does?
  12. too horny
    Adorable Little Pervert Too Horny to LiveScientists have confirmed that male kalutas — tiny Australian marsupials — bone to the death.
  13. hot shot
    Kate Middleton’s Brother Walked the Red Carpet With His Very Cute DogKate Middleton’s brother walked the red carpet with his sweet dog, Ella.
  14. let me tell you about my pet
    Let Me Tell You About My Pet: Perfume Genius on Wanda“I kind of almost resent her because I love her so much.”
  15. inspiration
    Turns Out I’m 100 Percent That LeechLet this newly discovered three-jawed, 59-toothed leech be your end-of-summer inspiration.
  16. animals
    The Chicago Coyote Guy on the Story Behind That Viral Video“That’s really odd to see a coyote pup out in broad daylight in an open area at 2 p.m.”
  17. good dogs
    I Will Go to More Musicals If These Theater Dogs Will Be ThereA group of dogs enjoyed a musical production of Billy Elliot.
  18. let me tell you about my pet
    Let Me Tell You About My Pet: Patricia Lockwood on Miette“She believes I’m her mother and that I gave birth to her out of my body.”
  19. animals
    Soothe Yourself by Imagining the Human-Sized ‘Monster’ PenguinFortunately, you won’t have to work too hard.
  20. horror stories
    This Is the Most Horrifying Shark Story of All TimeAfter their yacht capsized, stranded passengers watched as tiger sharks devoured their friends.
  21. broken brain
    Put Me in the Fish TubeShoot me over the dam of this life.
  22. broken brain
    What to Name Your 30 to 50 Feral HogsWhen they run into your yard within three to five minutes.
  23. fashion
    An Evening With New York’s Most Glamorous CatsMeeting the stars of the Algonquin’s cat fashion show.
  24. let me tell you about my pet
    Let Me Tell You About My Pet: Lyric Lewis on Dr. Alan GrantThe A.P. Bio star on puppuccinos, why she named her dog Dr. Alan Grant, and whether he is in fact a real doctor.
  25. how should a dog person be?
    Excuse Me, Ma’am — Your Dog Is a BullySome rules of etiquette for the dog park.
  26. hogs
    Great, Wild Boars Are Besieging European Cities NowThe hog wars have begun.
  27. good dogs
    Justin Theroux Documents Burial of His Beloved DogThe actor shared pictures of his dog’s lifeless body on Instagram.
  28. let me tell you about my pet
    Ally Maki’s Dog Is a Combination of Daria and Dr. House“I’m just surprised at how easily I became a crazy dog mom.”
  29. let me tell you about my pet
    Let Me Tell You About My Pet: Neko Case on BruceThe musician on how her dog Bruce is a hero with the personality of a brooding cowboy.
  30. not a dumb question
    Do Fans Work on Dogs?The answer is more complicated than you might think.
  31. chance the snapper
    Beloved Chicago Alligator ‘Chance the Snapper’ Has Been Apprehended“The gator actually brought people together. And that’s pretty cool.”
  32. summer terror
    The Birds Are Mobilizing Against UsHot girl summer, meet incredibly aggressive bird summer.
  33. obsessions
    Chicago’s Hot Duck Is an Alligator Named ‘Chance the Snapper’“This gator is absolutely in its own league. Sorry, but nothing can compare to this.”
  34. no
    Happy Friday! A Rat Fell on a Table at Buffalo Wild WingsAnd all we have to say is no, no no no, nope, no way, absolutely not.
  35. good dogs
    Bulldog Learns the Hard Way That It’s Possible to Be Too BabyMortimer the bulldog was admitted to a veterinary hospital after swallowing 19 baby pacifiers.
  36. animals
    I Want This Majestic Squid to Drag Me to the Ocean FloorConsume me, my queen.
  37. animal behavior
    Meet Cat-Fox, Your New RulerA new feline species was discovered in Corsica.
  38. dog science
    Is My Dog Manipulating Me?According to a new study, she might have evolved to.
  39. politics
    Beloved British Cat Joins Anti-Trump ProtestsLarry the Cat, of Downing Street fame, may have delayed Trump’s motorcade.
  40. pets
    New York Could Become the First State to Ban Declawing CatsThe practice has long been called “inhumane.”
  41. small blessings
    Finally, You Can LARP With Goats[books bus to Connecticut]
  42. sweet dreams
    What Do Dogs Dream About?A quick look into the science of canine sleep.
  43. infestations
    It’s the Rats’ City, We’re Just Living in ItIn cities across the country, rat sightings are on the rise.
  44. tv
    The Pets Were the Best Part of the Game of Thrones FinaleIn praise of two sweeties.
  45. kissing
    Austria Begs People to Stop Kissing Cows“Actions like these could have serious consequences.”
  46. spies
    The Mystery Around the Alleged Russian Spy Whale Keeps DeepeningPer new reports, the beluga’s real career may be something much more altruistic.
  47. bird
    Freddy Krueger (Parrot) Survives Kidnapping, Gunshot, Snakebite“He’s a bit of a wild one.”
  48. under the sea
    Bow to Your ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ Crab QueenShe’s the platypus of the crab kingdom.
  49. science
    Do We Need to Worry About Pig Zombies?Scientists have revived cells from the brains of dead pigs.
  50. ducks
    When a Duck Understands Everything You SayWatch actor Sam Neill softly speak to a duck.
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