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  1. nation of haters
    Anne Hathaway Not the Most Hated Person in HollywoodGwyneth is; both are more hated than Chris Brown.
  2. the cutting edge
    After Hathaway Stole Their Haircut, Older Women Are Growing It Out“Now that I see all of these young actresses with short hair, I can’t wear it this way,” one woman told her stylist.
  3. portraits of sorrow
    This Is What Anne Hathaway Looks Like When She Binge-EatsSaddest grocery store haul ever.
  4. bananas
    Rachel Zoe Is THR’s Third Most Powerful StylistJulianne Moore’s stylist Leslie Fremar took the top spot.
  5. oscars 2013
    Amanda Seyfried Isn’t Mad at Anne Hathaway About the Oscars Dress SituationIs this story over yet? It is.
  6. oscars 2013
    Anne Hathaway’s Oscars Dress Kerfuffle Was Quite StressfulShe reportedly threw “a fit.”
  7. weird apologies
    Turns Out Amanda Seyfried Came Between Anne Hathaway and ValentinoNot Jennifer Aniston.
  8. snafus
    Anne Hathaway Apologized for That Prada Oscars DressNot about the dart vs. nipple problem, though.
  9. hathahate
    Why Do Women Hate Anne Hathaway (But Love Jennifer Lawrence)?It’s irrational. But that’s how we approach Hollywood’s actresses, anyway.
  10. red carpet mind reader
    Humor: What Do Actresses Think on Red Carpets?In our latest Imagined Conversations video, Anne Hathaway wonders why everyone is staring at her at the Oscars and Stacy Keibler wants to make it big.
  11. oscars 2013
    The Best Behind-the-Scenes Beauty at the OscarsThirteen social-media moments caught in celebrity living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  12. look of the day
    Anne Hathaway Matches Her New ManIn a Saint Laurent gown with a sparkly gold bib.
  13. oscars 2013
    The Great Anne Hathaway Dress Debate: Nipples vs. DartsLet’s lay the matter to rest.
  14. oscars 2013
    Reviewing Oscar Nominees’ Award Season GownsYour red carpet Cliff Notes.
  15. the weight of it all
    Why Extra-Skinny (or Fat) Actresses Win OscarsJust like Anne Hathaway probably will this weekend.
  16. lists
    The 21 Most Badass Bald-Woman MomentsFrom Hathaway to Britney, Cleopatra, and Christian saints.
  17. quotables
    Manolo Blahnik Unclear on Who Anne Hathaway Is“I just don’t remember her.”
  18. false alarms
    So Did Jennifer Lawrence’s Dress Rip Last Night, or What?Conflicting reports, plus video proof.
  19. sag awards 2013
    On Social Media, the Best Behind-the-Scenes SAG Awards Beauty PrepJessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence were both caught in the bathroom.
  20. sag awards 2013
    Fug Girls: Notable, Notorious Outfits From the SAG Awards Red CarpetAnne Hathaway’s sheer panels, January Jones’s wine bag, and more.
  21. gifs are magic
    See a GIF of Anne Hathaway Winning a SAG AwardHer “shocked face” impression is getting better.
  22. golden globes 2013
    Golden Globes Red Carpet BeautyGlowing boobs, a twist on red lipstick, and more.
  23. things we saw with zoom
    Zoom Shot: Anne Hathway’s Nervous NailsNothing like anxiety to kill a caviar manicure.
  24. quotables
    Anna Sui Appreciates a Good Pair of Undergarments on A-list Actresses“When was the last time you forgot to put on underwear?”
  25. fashion yearbook
    Flame-Colored Dresses, Mesh-Covered Cleavage at Critics’ Choice AwardsBrave, brilliant looks from last night’s red carpet.
  26. oscars 2013
    Emma Stone Announces Oscar Nominees in Andrew GnWay to set the bar high for Oscar outfits.
  27. look of the day
    Anne Hathaway Looked Far From Misérable in Her Saint Laurent SuitShe wore an outfit from Hedi Slimane’s spring 2013 collection last night.
  28. fun people
    Valentino Is Allegedly a Very Inconsiderate PartierHis music was so loud that all of Gstaad could hear it.
  29. divas
    J. Lo Gets Her Hands on Anne Hathaway’s Strappy BootsOn the February cover of Harper’s Bazaar.
  30. Anne Hathaway and Samuel L. Jackson Fight It Out Over ChristmasWatch the new video, then let’s decide whose movie will be more sad.
  31. zomg shoes
    Les Miz’s Costume Designer Also Created Vegan Shoes for Anne HathawayAnd wooden clogs for Hugh Jackman.
  32. Fifteen Pairs of New and Stylish SpectaclesNo prescription necessary.
  33. this is how you do it
    How to Re-create Anne Hathaway’s ‘Naked Eye’Her makeup artist breaks down her latest red-carpet go-to look.
  34. hair transformations
    The Year in Hollywood Hair TransformationsThirty women who went for buzz cuts, dip-dye jobs, bobs, bangs, and more.
  35. wardrobe malfunction
    The Exact Moment Anne Hathaway Heard About Her Naked Upskirt Picture“It has hit. It has landed. A bomb has gone off.”
  36. fashion yearbook
    McQueen, Cat-eyes at Les Miz’s New York PremiereAmanda Seyfried wore an intense braid-bun. 
  37. multi-zoom analysis
    Anne Hathaway’s Vegan Tom Ford Boots: Zooming InAnd Tom Ford cape-back dress.
  38. les miz
    It Was Anne Hathaway’s Own Idea to Cut Her Hair OffIn a new short, the makeup artist for Les Miserables shares her on-set beauty strategy.
  39. mizzes
    Anne Hathaway’s After-party Outfit: A Shiny Cape!And strapless Altuzarra.
  40. mizzes
    Anne Hathaway Wore Droopy Givenchy CoutureAnd Amanda Seyfried went for Balenciaga!
  41. unfortunate diets
    Jessica Simpson’s ‘Extreme’ Diet Sounds DullWhat, no oatmeal paste?
  42. best diet in a supporting role
    Anne Hathaway Ate More Than Oatmeal PasteThe starved Les Mis actress binged on half a potato. 
  43. look of the day
    Anne Hathaway Doubled UpShe wore a Victoria Beckham dress with two straps.
  44. cover girls
    Anne Hathaway’s Les Mis Diet Was Historically Accurate, Sort Of?Dried-up crackers made of old oatmeal.
  45. weddings!
    Why These Famous Women Wed in Pink DressesOveranalyzing the dresses of Witherspoon, Hathaway, and Biel.
  46. loose threads
    Chanel to Show in Scotland; Town & Country Names New PublisherAnd here’s Kate Hudson in ads for Ann Taylor.
  47. cover girls
    God, You Can’t Tell Annie Leibovitz Anything She apparently shot Rihanna and Anne Hathaway for Vogue.
  48. stylist of make believe
    What Celebs Should Wear From the Spring RunwayCome play the “celebrity stylist” with us.
  49. weddings!
    Anne Hathaway’s Bridal Bandanna ExplainedIt had nothing to do with a head wound.
  50. weddings!
    To Discuss: Anne Hathaway’s Bridal HeadpieceThat’s quite a bit of tulle on her head.
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