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Anne Klein

  1. first person
    My Fateful Year Working For Anne KleinDonna Karan on getting fired, and rehired, by her “other mother.”
  2. designer duels
    Relive the Magical Fashion Battle of VersaillesIn an exclusive new documentary.
  3. fashion week preview
    Garment District Heroes: Meet the People Who Make Fashion Week HappenThese garment-district workers make a big behind-the-scenes impact on NYFW.
  4. run through
    Robert Lee Morris Is Making Jewelry With the Olsens?The award-winning jewelry designer has worked with Calvin Klein and Karl Lagerfeld, and rumor has it he’s working with the Olsens on dagger necklaces and knuckle rings.
  5. run through
    Why Designers Aren’t Safe These DaysOver the past two years, major fashion houses have chewed through head designers like a small order of fries. One minute you’re hot, and the next minute you’re, well, gone.