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Anne Slowey

  1. revolving door
    Anne Slowey Leaves Elle After Almost Two DecadesHer replacement has yet to be named.
  2. ins and outs
    Other Contenders for WSJ. Job: Slowey, LanphearIn case you were wondering.
  3. loose threads
    Bloomberg’s New Initiative; Del Rey at Met BallPlus, Natalia Vodianova for Stuart Weitzman.
  4. party lines
    Party Lines: Ohne Titel Fifth Anniversary DinnerPlus designers Flora Gill and Alexa Adams.
  5. babies
    Correction: Anne Slowey’s Baby Is Her Husband’s, But They’re Not TogetherThe father’s girlfriend of three years got in touch to clarify a few things today.
  6. babies
    Anne Slowey Had a Girl! [Updated]She named her Afton Florabelle Lawson Fairey.
  7. babies
    Anne Slowey Sure Knows How to Throw a Baby ShowerWith grown male waiters wearing pink diapers.
  8. the nineties are back
    Some People in This Town Are Trying Really Hard to Look Like Elaine BenesYou know, like people who want to look like Chloë Sevigny.
  9. the fashion blog debate
    Elle’s Joe Zee and Kate Lanphear Have Different Views on Fashion BloggersKate appreciates their “fresh voices,” but Joe sees more value in the opinions of established editors.
  10. w watch
    Sources Say Stefano Tonchi Will Be Named Editor-in-Chief of WTop staffers at ‘W’ will reportedly leave.
  11. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Olivia Palermo’s Hair Defies Logic at PreenAnd Julia Restoin-Roitfeld is starting to look strikingly like her mother.
  12. kids these days
    Editors Like Tavi But Don’t Take Her Fashion Advice SeriouslyShe reviewed the collections for next month’s ‘Harper’s Bazaar,’ but don’t expect buyers to adjust their spring orders based on her tastes.
  13. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Guess Who Got the Smoke-Machine Treatment at Phillip LimHere’s a hint: It wasn’t Joy Bryant.
  14. loose threads
    Ann Taylor Slashes Staff; Marion Cotillard’s Dior Ads DebutAlso, is Anne Slowey a fashion hypocrite?
  15. shutterings
    Publication of ‘Elle Accessories’ SuspendedAnne Slowey helmed the title, and she lost four key staffers.
  16. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: ‘Stylista’ Wears Its Awfulness WellThe mark of a good reality show is when you’re invested enough to want to slap at least one contestant and hug another, and ‘Stylista’ nailed that in the first ten minutes.
  17. varying shades of bad
    Our Early Thoughts on ‘Stylista’: It’s Not Tyra Banks’s Best WorkWe can’t decide if it’s guilty-pleasure-bad or just bad-bad, so here’s our case for both.
  18. fashion reality shows
    ‘Marie Claire’ Gets Its Own Reality ShowThe docudrama will include private video confessionals by interns.
  19. run through
    The Meeting With Anna Wintour That Inspired ‘Stylista’’Vogue’ and ‘Project Runway’ never became bedfellows, but the meeting the reality show’s creator had with Anna Wintour gave us ‘Stylista.’
  20. loose threads
    Ad Pages Down at ‘Vogue’; Crocs Sues for CopyrightAlso, Anne Slowey’s assistants aren’t perfect, Anna Wintour awaits two new babies, and Agyness Deyn sings at a big music festival.
  21. fashion yearbook
    Fancy People Theme It Out for the Toga PartyThe New York City Ballet held a party with toga-themed dress the other night. And people actually dressed accordingly! We judge a few of their frocks.
  22. run through
    ‘Elle’ Staffer Already Embarrassed to Appear on ‘Stylista’She was turned into a caricature of herself for the program and has decided to set the record straight before the show even airs.
  23. first looks
    Why We’re Embarrassed for ‘Elle,’ Anne Slowey, and ‘Stylista’Last night we got a sneak peak of the new ‘Elle’ reality show, ‘Stylista.’ And we fear it won’t be good for the magazine or the show’s star, editor Anne Slowey.
  24. dress code
    Is Anne Slowey Right About the Fate of Dresses?’Elle’ fashion editor Anne Slowey says the dress will be out of style come August. Guy Trebay would like to prove her wrong.
  25. loose threads
    Anne Slowey Saga Continues; London Fashion Week Is Pretty White• Ass-electrocutionist Anne Slowey responds! The Elle editor commented on yesterday’s post about her quest to flatten her posterior and boldly admits to merely imagining a phone call to her psychic. Or perhaps we misread? Whatever, the woman still electrocuted her tush. [Cut]
  26. body issues
    Lessons Learned From ‘Elle’ Editor’s Derriere DiaryAnne Slowey is the fashion news and accessories editor at Elle. We base this on nothing more than looking at her pretty picture and reading what she’s written, but she strikes us as one of those women who’s a perfectly normal size but can’t help but strive to be thinner, because she — like everyone else in the world, ourselves included — can’t remember what a healthy woman looks like. Allow us to explain.