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  1. crime
    They Thought They Were Lucky to Get an AppointmentDr. Joseph Silverman was renowned for treating young girls with anorexia. But patients in his care allege he raped them repeatedly.
  2. mental health
    Pretty Little Liars Star’s Anorexia Battle Is Part of Why She Supports HillaryTroian Bellisario says Hillary views mental health care as part of health care.
  3. the brain
    The Neuroscience of Anorexia Reveals Why It’s So Hard to TreatThe behavior associated with the eating disorder is more like a habit than some kind of extreme willpower. 
  4. body image
    France Moves to Crack Down on Ultrathin ModelsBut will it actually do anything?
  5. anorexia
    Anorexia’s Positive Emotions Bring ChallengesHow do you stop behavior that brings misplaced pride and happiness?
  6. interview
    ‘Like Seeing a Ghost’: Wasted, 15 Years LaterTalking to Marya Hornbacher about her still-controversial eating-disorder memoir.
  7. What It’s Like to Have Anorexia and AutismSome young girls with autism are getting misdiagnosed because of gender norms.
  8. terrible made-up words
    Introducing ‘Pregorexia,’ a Word You Should Not RepeatLinguistically and medically, this is awful.
  9. studies
    Anorexics ‘Squeeze’ to Fit Through Wide DoorsAnd pregnant people run into them.
  10. food fighting
    The Women Who Dated Men With Eating DisordersStand by your man, but what if he’s anorexic?
  11. campaign trail
    Modeling Agency Makes Creepy Anti-Anorexia AdsThey’re supposed to be creepy.
  12. the karl of it all
    Karl Lagerfeld Shares Thoughts on AnorexiaIt has “nothing to do with fashion,” he says.
  13. shams
    Are ‘Office Cleanses’ Just Workplace-Enforced Anorexia?The Cut investigates.
  14. pinterestingly enough
    Pinterest Bans Pro-Anorexia and ‘Thinspiration’ BoardsThe company changed its acceptable use policy, effective April 6. 
  15. party lines
    Carolina Herrera Will Tell You If You’re Too Thin to Look GoodIf Carolina Herrera sees a model who doesn’t look healthy, she not only doesn’t cast her — she’ll pull the mannequin aside and give her a talking-to.
  16. run through
    Storm Agency Founder on Bone Structure, Anorexia, and RacismSarah Doukas founded Storm modeling agency and discovered Kate Moss. She explains what it takes to make it as a model and why the runways are so full of white ones.
  17. body issues
    Breaking: France Is ThisClose to Banning Skinny ModelsA bill in France that would make it illegal for anyone to publicly incite extreme thinness has passed the lower house and is moving on to the Senate.
  18. run through
    How We Killed Our Virtual Miss BimboWe didn’t carve out feeding time on the game that allows 9- to 16-year-old girls to foster a virtual bimbo with diets, sexy outfits, and boob jobs.