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Ansel Elgort

  1. met gala 2022
    Looks Like Ansel Elgort Got a Met Gala InviteHmmm.
  2. west side story
    Rachel Zegler Says Answering for Ansel Elgort Was a ‘Gut Punch’In a new interview, the West Side Story actor said she wants to move on from addressing sexual-assault allegations against her co-star.
  3. oscars 2022
    Curious About Ansel Elgort’s Oscars Invite?Let’s discuss.
  4. west side story
    Revisiting the Sexual-Misconduct Allegations Against Ansel ElgortHis West Side Story castmates have responded to allegations that he assaulted a 17-year-old.
  5. hot shot
    This Isn’t How You Hold a GirlfriendWhy is Ansel Elgort’s hand … like that.
  6. celebrity
    This Man Is Horny for (Platonic) LoveAnsel Elgort wants to find more love, but “it doesn’t need to be sexual.”
  7. celebrity
    Ansel Elgort Posts 17 Similar But Slightly Different Shirtless SelfiesIf only we all had his courage…
  8. blonde ambition
    A Brief Conversation With Ansel Elgort About ShampooHe borrows his girlfriend’s Oribe.
  9. beauty
    Ansel Elgort Bravely Renounces His Heartthrob HairThe actor and singer debuted fuzzy duckling hair at a time when everyone else’s is dark and damp.
  10. scent memories
    Ansel Elgort Loves the Smell of the Subway“I love it.”
  11. bomb cyclone
    Watch Cool Driver Ansel Elgort Drift Through the SnowHappy snow day.
  12. movies
    Baby Driver Will Make You Forget That You Hate Ansel ElgortIt’s that good.
  13. healthy self-esteem
    Ansel Elgort’s Boundless Self-Confidence Should Be an Inspiration to Us AllThe star of Baby Driver has got it all figured out.
  14. cfdas 2016
    Karlie Kloss Made Ansel Elgort Dance at the CFDAsWhen Karlie says “Dance,” you dance.
  15. cool dads
    Famous Families: They’re Just Like Us (Sort Of)An evening with the illustrious Elgorts.
  16. pack mentality
    Vogue Anoints Bieber Leader of the Brat PackIs he supposed to be Spader or McCarthy?
  17. q&a
    Look Back at Arthur Elgort’s Most Stunning Fashion PhotosKate Moss, Christy Turlington, and Linda Evangelista, plus a few baby pics of Ansel.
  18. campaign trail
    Prada’s New Campaign Features 4 Highly Objectifiable MenNotably, Jack O’Connell.