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  1. encounter
    Huma Abedin Is Ready to Tell You Who She IsThroughout a public career and an even more public marriage, the political confidante has remained an enigma, until now.
  2. anthony weiner
    Is Anthony Weiner Moving Into Huma Abedin’s Apartment Building, or Out of It?Some reports say he’s renting a one-bedroom in the building; others insist he’s moving out for good.
  3. divorce
    Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner Are Settling Their Divorce Out of CourtThey withdrew their contested divorce case from Manhattan court.
  4. crime
    Anthony Weiner Is Heading to Prison TodayThe disgraced former Congressman will begin serving a 21-month term.
  5. crime
    Sydney Leathers Is ‘Happy’ Anthony Weiner Is Going to Prison“My birthday was Saturday and I’m pretty sure this is my gift.”
  6. crime
    Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months in PrisonThe former Democratic congressman pled guilty to a charge of transferring obscene material to a minor in May.
  7. scandals
    The Anthony Weiner Trial Reveals Just How Many Women He Was SextingIt’s in the hundreds.
  8. moving on
    What Does an Independent Huma Abedin Mean?Post-Weiner, post-Clinton.
  9. Huma Abedin Invites Anthony Weiner To Move Back InShe filed for divorce on May 19.
  10. scandals
    Anthony Weiner Will No Longer Be Writing a Tell-all BookThe deal was over after Weiner pleaded guilty to sexting with a minor.
  11. freedom
    Huma Abedin Finally Did ItOn Friday, she filed for divorce from Anthony Weiner.
  12. Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty to Sexting With a MinorHe will have to register as a sex offender.
  13. love and war
    Huma Abedin Is Reportedly Giving Anthony Weiner Another ShotSorry, Scandal fans.
  14. the body politic
    The Men of the Trump Administration Want You to Know How Manly They AreWhy Rex Tillerson’s email pseudonym isn’t funny.
  15. politics
    Anthony Weiner Could Reportedly Face Child-Pornography ChargesFederal prosecutors are still discussing the charges with Weiner’s attorneys.
  16. sexting scandal
    Sydney Leathers Apologizes for Inadvertently Helping Trump’s Campaign“I wanted to help a 15-year-old girl; it was the right thing.”
  17. Anthony Weiner Is Riding Horses at Sex RehabIt’s called “equine therapy.”
  18. election 2016
    Teen Whom Weiner Allegedly Sexted Writes Scathing Open Letter to FBI Director“Anthony Weiner is the abuser. Your letter helped that abuse to continue.”
  19. election 2016
    Teen Whom Anthony Weiner Allegedly Sexted Blasts FBI Director for Using Her“The last thing that I wanted was to have this become political propaganda.”
  20. laugh so you don’t cry
    Funniest Tweets About Anthony Weiner’s Link to the Clinton Email InvestigationLaugh so you don’t cry.
  21. media
    Stop Trying to Make Anthony Weiner’s Sexting a Political IssueYesterday was one of the dumbest days of the presidential campaign — a high bar!
  22. narcissism
    Could This Personality Disorder Explain Anthony Weiner’s Downfall?Narcissistic exhibitionists love nothing more than to be talked about.
  23. the late show with stephen colbert
    Anthony Weiner’s Latest Scandal Gave Stephen Colbert Some Great Comedy MaterialColbert thanked Weiner for giving him a “rock-solid story” to talk about.
  24. Maybe Don’t Call Anthony Weiner a Sex AddictThere are good reasons not to collapse the complexity of human behavior into such a simple, scientifically questionable category.
  25. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Blames Hillary Clinton for New Anthony Weiner Sexting ScandalTrump, who apparently doesn’t know how sexting works, questioned whether the husband of Clinton’s top aide had access to classified info.
  26. scandals
    Huma Abedin Announces Separation From Anthony WeinerFollowing Weiner’s latest sexting scandal, Abedin announced the dissolution of their marriage.
  27. oh god
    Anthony Weiner Is Reportedly Sending Dick Pics AgainOh God.
  28. sliding into the dms
    Self-Described Mongoose Anthony Weiner Was Catfished on Twitter by a RepublicanWhere are Nev and Max when you need them?
  29. scandals
    The Secret Struggle of the Woman Who Took Down WeinerThree years later, Sydney Leathers is still dealing with the fallout.
  30. reinventions
    Monica Lewinsky: Righteous Good GirlHer reinvention is well timed. By modern standards, Monica is downright prude.
  31. it’s not just lunch
    Anna Wintour and Huma Abedin Had Lunch TogetherWHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
  32. palmistry
    16 Celebrity Palm Readings, Annotated and ExplainedRihanna, Obama, Kanye, Middleton, Bieber.
  33. faces of things
    Sydney Leathers’s Latest and Best Business Venture She’s the face of a sexting app.
  34. debuts
    Sydney Leathers Doles Out Sexting Advice for xoJane“I’m not a war criminal.”
  35. cut chat room
    Cut Chat: Sisterhoods of Traveling Thongs, Slutbags, and SlampiecesThe week in vulva insults.
  36. good wives
    Huma Abedin Draws Back the Curtain a Little MoreGo on, look.
  37. party chat
    Gloria Steinem on Weiner and the Dangers of Porn“Just imagine if there were a woman who had photographed her pubic area.”
  38. quotables
    Oscar de la Renta on John Galliano and Huma Abedin“People do deserve a second chance. A third and a fourth? I doubt it.”
  39. our selfies ourselves
    A Portrait of Anthony Weiner As a Penis ArtistWe looked at his dick pics so you don’t have to.
  40. quotables
    Gloria Steinem Not Sure What’s Up With HumaA new mom thing? Stockholm syndrome?
  41. weinergate forever
    Sexting Is the New Porn; Weiner Just Wanted to Be a Porn StarWho needs a phone-sex hotline when your followers are horny?
  42. politics of fashion
    Huma Abedin Borrowed Michelle Obama’s DressOr maybe they just happened to have the same one?
  43. politics
    On Spitzer and Weiner: Let’s Not Make It About ‘Women Voters’Rivals seem determined to frame the disgraced pols’ campaigns as a bid for the forgiveness of women.
  44. cryptic messages
    Anthony Weiner Keeps Saying ‘Lean In’Are you moved?
  45. political fashion
    Designer Reem Acra Is a Woman for Anthony WeinerWho wouldn’t want to dress Huma?
  46. having it all
    Ben Affleck Is Leaning OutLike Anthony Weiner did.
  47. burning questions
    Why Didn’t Huma Recognize Weiner’s Dick Pic?Did she even look at it?
  48. run through
    Guess Who Mr. I ♥ Models Anthony Weiner’s Getting Money From?Members of the modeling business, that’s who!
  49. model tracker
    Foreign Models Welcome, If You’re Old EnoughRepresentative Anthony Weiner just introduced a bill to make it easier for foreign models to get visas. But is this a good thing?