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Anti Choice

  1. politics
    Trump Is More Proudly Anti-Choice Than EverWhy his unprecedented choice to speak at the anti-abortion rally “March for Life” is so worrying.
  2. reproductive rights
    Texas Passed an Intense Abortion-Restriction Bill Despite Supreme Court RulingBecause who cares about the Supreme Court, anyway?
  3. women’s march 2017
    Women’s March on Washington Drops Anti-Choice Partner After BacklashThe Women’s March on Washington faced criticism after partnering with the anti-choice group New Wave Feminists.
  4. anti-choice
    Oklahoma Will Require Anti-Abortion Signs to Be Hung in Public RestroomsThis is projected to cost over $2 million.
  5. domestic violence
    Man Behind Ohio’s Strictest Anti-Abortion Bill Once Accused of Domestic ViolenceSenator Kris Jordan’s wife called 911 and told officers he had become violent toward her “numerous times.”
  6. the anti-choice fashion beat
    Lands’ End Shoppers: Pro–Ugly Totes, Anti–Gloria SteinemLands’ End apologizes for including Gloria Steinem in a catalogue after anti-choicers threw a fit.