Appointment Viewing

We get it: There’s an overwhelming amount of television right now. The streaming landscape is an impractical maze, and the good stuff easily gets lost in the shuffle. But most of us can still find that one show that cuts through the noise. We call this Appointment Viewing, or the time you carve out in your busy schedule to watch the show you’ll want to unpack with your friends when it’s still on your mind the next day. Tune in each month to read what writer Michel Ghanem, a.k.a. tvscholar, deems worthy of a group-chat deep dive.


Can You Solve A Murder at the End of the World?

Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij’s latest is the best whodunit you’ll watch on TV this year.

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    Finally, a Sexy Political Period Piece‘Fellow Travelers’ brings Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey’s glistening muscles — and a whole lot of gay yearning— to our must-watch list.
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    Don’t Sleep on Dreaming Whilst BlackShowtime’s dramedy import from the U.K. follows the misadventures of an aspiring filmmaker.
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    Three Underrated TV Shows You Missed This YearThere’s no end in sight for the WGA and SAG strikes. Might as well use this time to catch up on some hidden gems.
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    The Summer’s Scariest Show About GentrificationThe empanadas in The Horror of Dolores Roach are more locally sourced than customers might want.
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    I’m a Virgo Is a Subversive Antidote to Bland TelevisionBoots Riley brings his Marxist signature to the small screen.
  6. appointment viewing
    Let the Geriatric Millennials Have Some FunSeth Rogen and Rose Byrne reignite their onscreen chemistry for Apple TV+’s new comedy Platonic.
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    Dead Ringers Will Give You the ShiversA double dose of Rachel Weisz is just what the doctor ordered.
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    This Show Will Make You Nostalgic for a Band That Never ExistedThe original songs in Daisy Jones & the Six are the catchiest fake bops since A Star Is Born.
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    The Last of Us Is the Apocalyptic Tearjerker You Won’t Want to MissYes, that zombie-apocalypse show The Last Of Us is actually worth the hype.