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  1. animals
    All Vloggers Pale in Comparison to the ‘Opossum Lady’Olivia Jade who?
  2. appreciations
    An Ode to Paul Giamatti, Grumpy IconHis face always seems to capture exactly what I’m feeling.
  3. appreciations
    If Only All Twitter Threads Were Like ThisA surprisingly delightful dispatch from night court.
  4. appreciations
    I Love This Large Man’s Love for His Tiny DogsHere’s Mickey Rourke putting his Pomeranian in a high chair and feeding him spaghetti.
  5. appreciations
    I Simply Love Tony ShalhoubThe Shalhoubaissance is finally here.
  6. appreciations
    The Power of Olivia Pope’s Beauty on ScandalFor seven seasons of Scandal, the most beautiful woman in the world was black.
  7. appreciations
    Michelle Obama’s Portrait Is for All of Us Black GirlsIt’s a reminder to think big.
  8. appreciations
    Youse Gotta See This Eagles Fan’s Instagram AccountNobody is more excited for the Super Bowl than Aunt Terri.
  9. appreciations
    The New Essence Is a Salon-Chair Dream Come TrueThe return of all-black ownership of the magazine is coming at exactly the right time.
  10. appreciations
    The Importance of Kate MillettThe feminist critic took aim at American culture, and ignited the modern women’s movement.