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  1. the internet
    The Anti-Instagram App Promising to Make Us Feel GoodBeReal wants to capitalize on our desire for authenticity on social media.
  2. friends forever?
    Do Friendship-Making Apps Really Work?I’ve given up on dating apps. Maybe swiping for friends would be different.
  3. extremely online
    The Rise of the Tabulated SelfI saw the best minds of my generation being uploaded onto “second-brain” apps.
  4. let’s makeup
    Finally, Shazam for LipstickYou no longer have to ask, “What shade are you wearing?”
  5. apps
    The Beautiful Enigma of the Calamari ManA look at the break-out star of the DNC, night two.
  6. privacy
    Schools Might Start to Ban Zoom Over Privacy ConcernsAmid reports of virtual classrooms getting hijacked by racist trolls, schools in New York may look to host online lessons elsewhere.
  7. tiktok
    Does TikTok Have a Major Security Problem?The video-sharing app, popular among teens, says it has fixed its network vulnerabilities.
  8. be a cat
    Cats Absolutely Hate When Their Humans Use Cat Face FiltersHave you tried scaring your cat with it?
  9. makeovers
    I Hate All My ClothesSo I tried a personal-stylist app.
  10. vaping crisis
    What Is a Vaping App, Anyway?Apple removed nearly 200 of them from the App Store this morning.
  11. power
    Popular Fertility App Funded by Anti-Abortion, Anti-Contraception GroupFemm received nearly $2 billion from an anti-contraception hedge funder over the past three years, a Guardian investigation has found.
  12. apps
    I Can’t Believe How Much Money I‘ve Spent on This iPhone Home-Design GameBut it makes me happy.
  13. the cut opinion pages
    Apps Can Take a HikeIt’s been long enough — they’re just not working out.
  14. science of us
    I Cherish My Period TrackerThe apps may not all be perfect, but I love this one.
  15. this worries me
    These 10 Apps Can Help You Manage Your AnxietyImagine: Your phone as a source of calm, for once.
  16. searching
    A Serial Dater Ranks the Best Hookup AppsWhen you’re not interested in swiping for a soul mate.
  17. tech
    Bumble Founder Was Threatened and Harassed After App Banned Gun Photos“It was ‘We’re coming for you, we know where your office is.’”
  18. power
    Snapchat’s Latest Blunder Is a Reminder to Never Mess with Rihanna“Shame on you,” Rihanna tweeted in response to the app’s offensive ad.
  19. birth control
    Swedish Contraceptive App Blamed for String of Unwanted PregnanciesNatural Cycles is the first app to be certified as a method of birth control in the E.U.
  20. the swift life
    Taylor Swift’s New App Swarmed by Trump SupportersThe Swift Life has been overrun by trolls and angry political posts.
  21. social studies
    Is It Rude to Play HQ at Parties?The trivia app is infiltrating real-world social life.
  22. tech
    There’s a New App that Lets You Apologize to PeopleFrom tech guru Greta Van Susteren.
  23. gallery
    This App Is Like Spotify for Art LoversTwo women founded Loupe, a popular art-streaming app.
  24. A New App Wants to Collect Data on Sexism — But Will It Make a Difference?Whistle wants to be the “see something, say something” of sexism.
  25. buddhism
    The Problem With Headspace and All Those Mindfulness AdsSpiritual materialism.
  26. These Fake Shopping Apps Could Destroy Your PhoneHundreds of fake apps have popped up in Apple’s App Store.
  27. This App Lets You Wake Up to Refreshing Yoga Routines Instead of Blaring AlarmsWhich seems much more ideal than a blaring alarm.
  28. dr. google
    Here’s Exactly How Helpful It Is to Consult Dr. GoogleMaybe don’t try to diagnose yourself.
  29. the future is now
    These Apps Let You Get the Pill and Skip the Pelvic ExamUber for your uterus.
  30. the teens
    The Pope Says Happiness Isn’t Found in an App, But Hasn’t He Heard of Instagram?The Pope came for the teens.
  31. genius ideas
    New App Splits the Bill So White Men Pay Their Fair Share (More)Split the bill equitably, not equally.
  32. like are you for real
    There’s an App to Get You to, Like, Talk BetterPolicing women’s speech pattern’s: Now in app form.
  33. wellthy
    4 Mental-Health Apps That Are Cheaper Than TherapyJust add a couch.
  34. emojis
    Text a Friend a Kim Kardashian Butt, Why Not?Kim Kardashian [Kim Kardashian butt] launched [rocketship] an emoji app [upside-down smile].
  35. life finds a way
    Not Surprisingly, People Use Airbnb to Get LaidWhat isn’t a hookup app?
  36. can u not
    Why Is This Random European Dude Talking to Me at 7 a.m.?Make him stop.
  37. trips
    Louis Vuitton Wants You to Travel in StyleTheir new app gives you tips for 25 different cities, including Paris, Chicago, and São Paulo.
  38. freedom
    Will This New App Finally Free Us From the Misery of Group Texts?A small reprieve is in the near future.
  39. mating habits
    What’s the Etiquette of Hooking Up With ‘the Help’?Can you date someone you’ve paid for a basic service?
  40. apps
    New ‘Yelp for People’ Will Let You Rate Everyone You KnowKind of like Lulu, or Hot or Not, or …
  41. keeping up with the kardashians
    Watching Kim Kardashian Watch Herself in Her Phone CameraMe, a dog wearing a baseball hat, and all the Kardashians walk into an Apple Store.
  42. Christian Louboutin Wants to Paint Your Life RedStarting with your Instagrams.
  43. tech
    See Images From Figure 1, the ‘Instagram for Doctors’A photo-sharing network that features body parts instead of avocado toast.
  44. avatars
    Is It Socially Acceptable to Make My MyIdol Super-Hot? Will people notice if your MyIdol is more attractive than IRL you?
  45. tech
    Come Watch Periscope’s First StarAmanda Oleander has captured millions of hearts, even if few know what Periscope is yet.
  46. data
    What Drives Women Away From a Job Posting?How data can correct for gender bias.
  47. Invisible Boyfriend Helps You Fake a Rebound Relationship What will you do with your Invisible Boyfriend?
  48. diagnosis via data plan
    This App Claims It Can Stop Your AcneDiagnosis by selfie.
  49. q&a
    Meet the Teenage Sisters With an App to Prevent Police BrutalityIma and Asha Christensen made really good use of their summer vacation.
  50. ecommerce update
    Now You Can Shop for Vintage via AppThe thrill of the hunt without all that work.
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