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  1. arbitrary lists
    Prince George Is Already More Powerful Than His ParentsAccording to the London Evening Standard.
  2. places where people wear overalls without irony
    Anchorage, Alaska, Voted America’s Worst-Dressed CityFollowed by Salt Lake City and Baltimore.
  3. arbitrary lists
    Eight Reasons to Get Excited About Madonna’s Super Bowl ShowAs if you needed them, but in any case! It’s a good excuse to run a lot of photos of her from the eighties.
  4. arbitrary lists
    Donatella Versace Proclaims That Prince Charles Is ‘Beyond Fashion’He’s number 50 on British GQ’s best-dressed list, while son William misses the cut altogether.
  5. arbitrary lists
    Forbes: The Olsens Are ‘Reinventing the World’Yep, Forbes has another arbitrary list out.
  6. arbitrary lists
    Johnny Weir Made Out’s Best- and Worst-Dressed List SimultaneouslyThat’s quite admirable, really.
  7. arbitrary lists
    Gisele and Tom Brady Are … Rich!Their combined income from the past year was around $76 million. Can you guess which of them made more?
  8. arbitrary lists
    Forbes: Anna Wintour Is the World’s 56th Most Powerful Woman, Lady Gaga Is the SeventhMichelle Obama is No. 1.