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  1. 2020 baby
    Hell Runneth OverLook at this black molten river coursing through Arizona.
  2. crime
    Phoenix Police Shot and Killed a Man Sitting in a Parked CarProtests have erupted after the shooting death of James Garcia, who was parked in his friend’s driveway when officers surrounded him with guns drawn.
  3. dick moves
    I Must Know Who’s Behind This GraffitiA mystery vandal with a memorably horny name is afoot in Tempe, Arizona.
  4. crime
    Arizona Official Arrested for Running Human Smuggling Adoption RingPaul Petersen is accused of bringing more than 40 pregnant women into the U.S. for the purpose of putting their babies up for adoption.
  5. crime
    YouTube Mom Accused of Abusing Her Kids, Forcing Them to PerformMachelle Hackney, who runs “Fantastic Adventures,” allegedly starved her adoptive children and forced them into ice baths.
  6. pregnancy pacts
    16 Nurses Who Work at the Same Hospital Are PregnantThey go to the hospital cafeteria together to satisfy cravings.
  7. scent memories
    Proenza Schouler Loves the Scent of Crayons and PuppiesTalking to the designers about their first perfume, Arizona.
  8. just don’t do it
    Free Advice for Politicians: Don’t Ask Your Staffers to Bear Your ChildrenA few lessons disgraced politicians have had to learn the hard way.
  9. New Video Shows Man Setting Arizona LGBT Youth Center on FireThe suspect is believed to have used the center’s services for three years.
  10. politics
    Muslim Arizona Senate Candidate Flooded With Hateful Online CommentsDeedra Abboud, who’s running against Senator Jeff Flake, is receiving a slew of harassment online.
  11. politics
    Teen Rips Into GOP Senator for Voting to Block Planned Parenthood Funds16-year-old Deja Foxx had some words for Arizona senator Jeff Flake.
  12. politics
    New Arizona Law Requires Doctors to Treat Fetuses ‘Born Alive’ During AbortionsWhich almost never happens.
  13. tech and design 2016
    This Solar-Powered Desert House Is Confronting Climate Change in ArizonaAn ecowonder in the middle of the southwest.
  14. q&a
    There’s a Blind, Atheist Feminist Running for CongressMeet James Woods. Not that James Woods.
  15. style tribes
    Princesses of Rodeo: Inside Arizona’s Miss Sweetheart PageantArizona’s Miss Sweetheart pageant is part rodeo, part fashion show. 
  16. potty training
    Arizona Legislator Wants to Criminalize Peeing While TransgenderedReasons cited: pedophiles, small business, “the law of society.”