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  1. recalls
    Caution, This Aromatherapy Spray May Be DeadlyThe CDC has recalled an air freshener after several people came down with bacterial infections.
  2. scent memories
    The Skin-Care Founder Who Loves the Smell of CilantroTalking to Klur’s Lesley Thornton about smelling things from nature instead of sniffing synthetics.
  3. lunchtime buy
    How to Get Ambience As a Neurotic PersonRemember diffusers?
  4. mental health
    11 Natural Remedies for AnxietyFrom walking meditation to CBD oil to passionflower.
  5. Can a Beauty Product Help You Sleep Better?Testing out pillow and hair mists and a poop-colored tea in search of a better sleep.
  6. now smell this
    The Soothing Scent for When You’re Mad As HellNo, it doesn’t come in jumbo sizes.
  7. fragrant friday
    Will This Perfume Make You Stop Procrastinating?A fragrance experiment.
  8. lab rat
    A Natural Way to Sleep Through the NightAromatherapy for the sleep-deprived. 
  9. beauty marks
    Mariah Carey’s Fragrance Earns Fifi Nom; Guerlain Brings Back ShalimarFRAGRANCE • The Fragrance Foundation announced the semi-finalists of the Fifi Awards, the Oscars of the fragrance industry (what industry doesn’t have its own Oscars?). Mariah Carey’s “M” scored a nod in the luxe women’s category. Those ads weren’t airbrushed in vain! [Now Smell This]