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  1. sexual battery
    What We Know About the Arrest of Jackson MahomesThe TikTok influencer and younger brother of Patrick Mahomes has been charged with sexual battery.
  2. icons
    Skilled Multitasker Jane Fonda Accepts Her BAFTA Award Mid-Arrest“I’m sorry that I’m not there, but as you may have heard I’ve been getting arrested.”
  3. politics
    Stormy Daniels’s Strip-Club Arrest Was Planned in Advance, Emails Indicate“The emails definitely show that the police lied about it being a prostitution and human trafficking mission.”
  4. crime
    Stormy Daniels Arrested While Performing at Strip ClubHer lawyer, Michael Avenatti, called the arrest a “setup” and “politically motivated.”
  5. crime
    Chris Brown Arrested for Felony AssaultHe was taken into custody the same night he was scheduled to play in Florida.
  6. arrests
    Video Shows White Cops Wrestling Black Woman at Waffle HouseChikesia Clemons reportedly just wanted to know why she was being charged for plastic utensils.
  7. crime
    These Foreigners Were Arrested for ‘Pornographic’ Dancing in CambodiaThere was a massive police raid at a party.
  8. rhony
    Luann de Lesseps Checks Herself Into Rehab Following ArrestThe RHONY star was charged with disorderly intoxication and battery of an officer.
  9. The Bachelor’s Chris Soules Reportedly Arrested After Fatal CrashHe has reportedly been “booked on the charge of leaving the scene with a death.”
  10. kennedys
    Conor Kennedy Pleads Guilty to Disorderly Conduct After Aspen Bar FightThe grandson of Robert F. Kennedy and ex-boyfriend of Taylor Swift was arrested back in December.
  11. kennedys
    Conor Kennedy Was Arrested After a Bar Fight in AspenSo here’s what Taylor Swift’s ex has been up to.
  12. arrests
    Watch Shailene Woodley Get Arrested for ProtestingLike any good millennial.
  13. janky lifehacks
    A Hero Woman Who Forged Her Own License Plate Was Arrested for Some Reason?Here’s a handy lifehack for you.
  14. sex work
    Feds Finally Realize What ‘Rentboy’ Means, Shutter Popular Escort SiteSeven of the online male-escort service’s employees were arrested yesterday.
  15. celebrity cycle
    Do We Really Need to Know About Miley’s Date’s Arrest Warrant? Jesse Helt is really getting the celebrity treatment.
  16. drug dealing
    Ed Hardy Model Reportedly Really ‘Methed Up’; Arrested for Running a Drug RingAustralian officials re-arrested Simone Farrow after she skipped bail.
  17. cult of personality
    Varying Awesome Accounts of Naomi’s ArrestYesterday Naomi Campbell got into a little bit of trouble at the airport when she lost her temper and got fresh with the po-po. So, of course, the papers went wild. Here’s what’s been reported.