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Art And Design 2016

  1. art and design 2016
    The 20 Best Moments at the Milan Furniture FairVelvet furniture, the Dolce & Gabbana fridge, and a kitchen table in a box.
  2. artists to watch
    11 Artists Poised to Have a Breakout YearWearing some mix of their clothes and ours. 
  3. art and design 2016
    Tour an Artist’s Light-Filled Parisian-Style Studio in HarlemPainter Elizabeth Colomba turned her second bedroom into an airy work space.
  4. art and design 2016
    A Costume Designer Lets Us Inside Her Very Dramatic ClosetAlba Clemente built a theater for her clothes.
  5. art and design 2016
    A Central Park Duplex With a Calder in the TreesAdelaide de Menil’s home blends nature with art.
  6. art and design 2016
    Inside a Pesce-Heavy Park Avenue ApartmentThe Italian designer reimagined almost every square inch of Publicolor founder Ruth Lande Shuman’s  home.
  7. art and design 2016
    Tour Vito Schnabel’s Art-Packed Palazzo Chupi ApartmentThe art dealer lives amid the fruits of his livelihood and dines on his father’s chairs.