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  1. rules to live by
    No ‘Geniuses’ AllowedCouple and collaborative artistic duo Rosie Hastings and Hannah Quinlan are always learning in their studio.
  2. art and soul
    Naudline Pierre Is Making Her Own Mythology“It’s a world that’s not always joyful,” the Brooklyn-based painter says. “There’s strife but also reward, love and tenderness but also evil.”
  3. taste test
    Tosh Basco’s Dance Club Is the WoodsThe performance artist and photographer, who will present new paintings at Frieze New York, is communing with nature these days.
  4. culture
    Joy and Poetry at the 2023 Brooklyn Academy of Music GalaGo inside the high-spirited celebration of Brooklyn’s cultural contributors with St. Vincent, David Byrne, and Spike Lee.
  5. galas
    The New Museum Pays Tribute to the ‘High Priestess of Art’See photos of Judy Chicago, Aurora James, Stephanie Horton, and more.
  6. profile
    Nan Goldin’s Happy EndingThe demimonde photographer long considered herself a filmmaker. Then Laura Poitras made a documentary about her.
  7. culture
    Imagining Radical Futures Through Art and TechnologyThe Cut’s Lindsay Peoples moderates a conversation at the New Museum about art and storytelling — and how tech can help and hinder both.
  8. art and soul
    A New Exhibition Shows the Yanomami Way of Life“The Yanomami Struggle” includes 200 photographs, 80 drawings, and film work showing life through the lens of Brazil’s Indigenous people.
  9. art and soul
    50 Years of Being Fresh, Fly, and FabulousA new exhibit spotlights hip-hop’s impact on the style industry over the decades.
  10. society pages
    The Whitney Art Party Gets Horn-yGo inside the museum’s astrology-themed event with Ashley Graham and Tracy Anderson.
  11. art and soul
    Women at RestTen Black artists imagine the freedom of leisure at ICA San Francisco’s “Resting Our Eyes” exhibition.
  12. art basel
    Going Viral at Miami Art Basel 2022New or old, the work at this year’s art fair was undoubtedly presented with TikTok in mind.
  13. are u coming?
    Kehinde Wiley Threw a Bougie Basel Fish Fry With Chaka KhanAnd Anna Delvey is now an … artist!
  14. art basel
    Suchi Reddy Actually Likes Art Basel for the ArtHer latest installation was inspired by the Miami clouds.
  15. how i got this business
    The New College Grad Giving Artists Their DueWhile still in school, Charlie Jarvis co-founded a tech platform to change how the art world works. It’s about time.
  16. art
    Pop Quiz: Is This Painting Upside Down?A Mondrian piece has apparently been hanging the wrong way for 75 years.
  17. art and soul
    A Day in the Garden With Mother Earth’s Daughter, Cecilia VicuñaChecking in with the artist, poet, and climate activist between major exhibitions.
  18. it’s soup season
    Why Soup Sunflowers?Activists threw bisque at a beloved van Gogh painting to make a point about the climate crisis.
  19. art and soul
    A Revolution in MidtownLinda Goode Bryant created her gallery, JAM, because Black artists weren’t welcome in the Establishment. Now, it’s at MoMA.
  20. art and soul
    The Art of MotherhoodIn paintings, illustrations, and ceramics, artist Madeline Donahue captures the ecstasy and agony of being a mom.
  21. art and soul
    The Queer Artist of Color Exploding Those Very LabelsChristina Quarles captures how it feels to be in any human body.
  22. black history
    Black Film History Finally Gets Its DueThe Academy Museum’s latest exhibition honors early pioneers of Black cinema.
  23. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About This PickleAn artist flung a pickle from a McDonald’s cheeseburger onto an art-gallery ceiling and was selling it for $6,275.
  24. art and soul
    Revisiting a Groundbreaking Show for Feminist Art“Twenty Six Artists” founded feminist curatorial practice in the U.S. “Fifty Two” tracks the evolution of that practice in the five decades since.
  25. the bigger picture
    We Are Surrounded by GodsCamila Falquez’s meticulously arranged photographs unveil everyday deities in all their splendor.
  26. art?
    Anna Delvey Is Ready for Her ComebackShe hosted her first solo art show remotely from an ICE detention center.
  27. how i get it done
    How Frieze L.A. and New York Director Christine Messineo Gets It DoneShe’s the first person to oversee both art fairs and is currently gearing up for New York’s tenth edition.
  28. culture
    At the New Museum, Faith Ringgold and Women in the WorkforceRebecca Traister, Kimberly Drew, Paola Ramos, and Isolde Brielmaier kicked off a new speaker series from the Cut and the New Museum.
  29. breakout
    This Mozambique-Born Artist Is Changing What It Means to Be a PainterCassi Namoda wants to make art more accessible.
  30. culture
    Anna Delvey Is Now Selling ArtA new show features re-creations of her Instagram drawings for $10,000 each.
  31. fundraising
    Postcards From a Prewar UkraineProceeds from these print-sale fundraisers will go toward Ukrainian relief efforts.
  32. breakout
    This 27-Year-Old Started Her Own GalleryHannah Traore is fighting against elitism in the art world.
  33. art and soul
    Alia Shawkat’s Private Art Practice Is Now PublicThe Search Party actress on her first solo show, on view this week at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in Los Angeles.
  34. art and soul
    Where Jordan Casteel Sees Herself GoingBefore her 33rd birthday, the painter has all but conquered the American art world. What comes next?
  35. encounter
    Wendy MacNaughton’s Drawing LessonsThe illustrator teaching kids (and their parents) how to see.
  36. trailblazers
    Reminder: Your Professional Achievements Don’t Define YouCourtesy of gallerist-curator Nicola Vassell.
  37. be best
    Melania Is Doing NFTs NowThe proceeds will go toward her ‘Be Best’ initiative, which is apparently ongoing.
  38. tastemakers
    The ‘Art Merchant’ Auctioning Multimillion-Dollar WorksSarah Friedlander’s gig at Christie’s is an art lover’s dream.
  39. art basel 2021
    Judy Chicago Is Tired of The Dinner Party“The girls have their own home now — I’m like, Go and be well.”
  40. encounter
    At Jamian Juliano-Villani’s New Gallery O’Flaherty’s, ‘Taste Is Out the Door’The painter and her pals thought the art world had gotten too prissy. “This is the thing. No one’s doing anything cool.”
  41. art basel 2021
    Can Anyone at Art Basel Tell Me What an NFT Is?I went to a slew of parties to find out.
  42. tastemakers
    The Mogul Behind the ‘It’ Destination of the Cayman IslandsGabriella Khalil poured her love for art into her hotel, Palm Heights.
  43. the bigger picture
    Her Love of Dance Led Her to Be a CuratorIsolde Brielmaier uses movement to inspire her curation process.
  44. support the arts
    Leave This Hot Italian Statue AloneA feud unfolds in Italy.
  45. collaboration station
    We’re Finally Ready to Talk About That New Beyoncé and Jay-Z Tiffany’s AdI needed a minute to process.
  46. art and soul
    An Awakening in AspenColorado’s frenetic art scene is drawing comparisons to the Hamptons and Palm Beach, but it’s also facing familiar growing pains.
  47. ¡hola papi!
    ‘I’m Paralyzed by Anxiety’Start focusing on the process and the pleasure, not the product.
  48. collaboration station
    When Street Art Meets the Fashion World’s Hottest Rubber ShoeA trippy new capsule collection.
  49. art?
    Please Admire This Statue’s Big BeltPrincess Diana’s 60th-birthday tribute statue is finally here.
  50. pride
    Photos to Redefine Queer KinshipTariq Dixon’s new exhibition celebrates chosen families.
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