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  1. rules to live by
    No ‘Geniuses’ AllowedCouple and collaborative artistic duo Rosie Hastings and Hannah Quinlan are always learning in their studio.
  2. fashion
    How Does UGG Make You Feel?The brand partners with the Hammer Museum to Launch Made in L.A. 2020.
  3. photography
    Gucci Publishes Photos of Famous Artists EatingPhotographer Paige Powell opens up her archive for a new book set.
  4. let’s makeup
    Marilyn Manson Loves This New NARS LipstickThe new collection was designed and named by artist Connor Tingley.
  5. beauty interview
    Kelly Rowland’s New Song Will Help You Love Your HairThe music video, too.
  6. art basel 2018
    ‘I Use Beauty as a Trap’Ebony Patterson’s work is a highlight of Art Basel Miami.
  7. look book
    The Illustrator With a Mom-Approved Buzz Cut“Feeling like I had the rather uncommon approval of my mother, I went for it.”
  8. women and power
    Jenny Holzer Made Good Things Out of HorrorThe 68-year-old Conceptual artist has become an idol for our online era.
  9. q & a
    Meet the Instafamous Artist Who Knows All About HeartsAnd he’s collaborating with Elizabeth Arden.
  10. happenings
    Watch the Trailer for the Yayoi Kusama DocumentaryKusama Infinity arrives in theaters today.
  11. fashion
    Painters, Photographers, and Sculptors Interpret Fall’s Best ClothesWe invited 14 creatives to do with this season’s fashion as they pleased.
  12. art
    5 Must-See Artists at Frieze New York This WeekendPreview some of the Cut’s favorite pieces from the highly anticipated art fair.
  13. art
    Can a Man Still Paint a Female Nude?Paintings of naked women, usually by clothed men, are suddenly sitting very uncomfortably on gallery walls.
  14. gallery
    The Instagram-Famous Artist Inspired by Pastries and Cream-Cheese PackagingKindah Khalidy explains the art of painting brightly colored blobs ahead of her exhibition opening this Friday at San Francisco’s Chandran Gallery.
  15. look book
    The Artist and Goldendoodle Who Are Soho Regulars“We used to be friends with Neville, Marc Jacobs’s dog, but we haven’t seen him around lately.”
  16. spring fashion 2018
    The Breakthrough Women of Artist Deborah RobertsIn a series of collages, the multimedia artist pairs images of black heroines with the clothes of the season.
  17. profile
    Barbara Kruger ForeverThe essential artist talks Ikea, Trump, hypebeasts, sex, and power.
  18. portfolio
    The Photographer Who Considers Herself More of a ‘Visual Activist’South African artist Zanele Muholi’s self-portraits seem familiar at first, but the details tell a bigger story.
  19. look book
    The Artist Who’s Been Wearing All White Since 1998“It is the color that’s most like light. And in some ways it’s a wish: a wish to let go and be blank, to let go of your ego.”
  20. 50th anniversary issue
    For New York’s 50th Anniversary Issue, Alex Katz Revisits His ‘Subway Drawings’His New Yorkers still look a lot like their counterparts of 70 years ago, even as fedoras and broadsheets have given way to ballcaps and iPhones.
  21. look book
    The Sculptor Who Describes His Style As ‘Postapocalyptic Peasant’“Someone the other day said I looked like a beekeeper.”
  22. gallery
    Creative Women Need to Know About Art Girl ArmyIt’s the grassroots, millennial version of Audrey Gelman’s The Wing.
  23. This One-of-a-Kind Video Artist Is Doing Something That Will Twist Your Mind▶️ And it will make you think about your life.
  24. gallery
    Burying Secrets in Green-Wood Cemetery With Sophie Calle and Creative TimeA visit to her new Brooklyn art project.
  25. look book
    The Tri-City-Based Artist Who Always Wears a Hat and Scarf“They’ve become, I don’t know, a kind of mark of myself. They’re part of my personality.”
  26. they seem cool
    The Artist Who’s an ‘Open Book’ on Social MediaAlexandra Marzella has strong feelings about both pants and politics.
  27. gallery
    Yayoi Kusama Made the Ultimate Instagram ExhibitThe artist’s mirrored infinity rooms open in Washington, D.C., this month.
  28. bermuda square
    Emo Christmas Carols From a Melancholy WhaleThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  29. These 3 Women Are Changing the Art WorldIt’s about time female artists took the throne in the art world.
  30. bermuda square
    Things You Might Hate About ChristmasThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  31. bermuda square
    How to Help an Overwhelmed Friend When You Live Under the SeaThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  32. bermuda square
    This Family Also Had a Politically Divisive ThanksgivingThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  33. bermuda square
    Wherever Amelia Earhart Is, Let’s Hope She Has InstagramThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  34. bermuda square
    Don’t Give In to the Urge to Disappear Under the SeaThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  35. bermuda square
    This Election Would Be Just As Painful at the Bottom of the SeaThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  36. bermuda square
    Halloween Is Not the Time for a Serious Relationship TalkThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  37. bermuda square
    Couples Counseling With a Freudian ElephantThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  38. bermuda square
    This Creepy Shark Seems Awfully FamiliarThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  39. bermuda square
    Tinder Tips From a Sex-Positive OctopusIris the Octopus stars in this week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  40. bermuda square
    This Rich Dad Is a Greek God Who Embodies the PatriarchyTriton stars in this week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  41. look book
    The Artist Whose Hair Is Five Shades of Blue and Green“[It’s] a cyan, a teal, a dark blue which fades to purple because it’s the nature of the color, and a dark blue that stays dark blue.”
  42. bermuda square
    Perhaps This Narcissist Lizard Will Seem FamiliarThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  43. bermuda square
    This Lovesick Whale Knows Your HeartbreakThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  44. bermuda square
    Two Mermaid Girlfriends Tried BDSMThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  45. bermuda square
    This Fratty Seal Is at Every PartyThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  46. bermuda square
    An Impossibly Beautiful Goddess Is the Worst Kind of GoddessThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  47. bermuda square
    Slut-Shaming Squids Are EverywhereThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  48. bermuda square
    This Lovelorn Cyclops Knows Your Relationship WoesThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  49. bermuda square
    Can Perverts Stay Away From These Mermaids Please?The “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  50. profile
    For Kanye Collaborator Vanessa Beecroft, People Are the Perfect PaletteThe Anglo-Italian artist is not hugely concerned with conventional labels.
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