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  1. bermuda square
    Perhaps This Narcissist Lizard Will Seem FamiliarThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  2. bermuda square
    This Lovesick Whale Knows Your HeartbreakThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  3. bermuda square
    Two Mermaid Girlfriends Tried BDSMThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  4. bermuda square
    This Fratty Seal Is at Every PartyThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  5. bermuda square
    An Impossibly Beautiful Goddess Is the Worst Kind of GoddessThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  6. bermuda square
    Slut-Shaming Squids Are EverywhereThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  7. bermuda square
    This Lovelorn Cyclops Knows Your Relationship WoesThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  8. bermuda square
    Can Perverts Stay Away From These Mermaids Please?The “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  9. profile
    For Kanye Collaborator Vanessa Beecroft, People Are the Perfect PaletteThe Anglo-Italian artist is not hugely concerned with conventional labels.
  10. bermuda square
    Meet the Most Emo Whale in the SeaThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  11. bermuda square
    Donald Trump As a Period-Shaming PirateThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  12. bermuda square
    Even Mermaids Fall for ClickbaitThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  13. bermuda square
    You’ll Learn a Lot From This Sex-Positive OctopusThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  14. cut cover story
    The Cost of Diane Arbus’s Life on the EdgeShe was perhaps the most radical photographer of the 20th century. A new biography and Met exhibit make clear just how much she had to give up to get there.
  15. bermuda square
    How Amelia Earhart Spent Fourth of JulyThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  16. space of the week
    An Artist’s Brownstone Made for Work and PlayJulia von Eichel’s Clinton Hill row house is part art studio, part family home.
  17. bermuda square
    Daddy Issues, Explained by DolphinsThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  18. bermuda square
    Even a Cave-Dwelling Cyclops Isn’t Safe From GentrificationThis week’s “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  19. beautiful things
    A Father’s Day Sketch From Instagram’s ‘Andy Warhol’Estée Lauder’s Donald Robertson draws his family.
  20. bermuda square
    Ageism Exists Even Under the SeaThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  21. profile
    Artist Tracey Emin Explains Why She Married a Rock“I am passionate and I really love the stone, and the fact that there isn’t a speck of mutual love in my life doesn’t mean that I have to stop loving.”
  22. bermuda square
    Here’s a Bad Joke From a Fratty SealThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  23. bermuda square
    Meet Venus, the Impossibly Perfect WomanThe Cut’s latest “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  24. bermuda square
    Some Mer-Bros Made a Dating AppThe Cut’s latest “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  25. bermuda square
    The Dangers of Mansplaining on the High SeasIn the Cut’s latest “Bermuda Square” comic strip.
  26. fantasy worlds
    Introducing ‘Bermuda Square,’ the Cut’s New Comic Strip for WomenArtist Ali Fitzgerald discusses how she created this fantasy world.
  27. look book
    The Artist Who Made Her Dress Out of Paper“The idea was for the dress to look European, but also speak to the history of colonialism.”
  28. space of the week
    Inside an Art-and-Design Power Couple’s Live-Work StudioRuben and Isabel Toledo have lived and worked in this magical loft since 1995.
  29. profile
    The 101-Year-Old Artist Finally Getting Her DueRejected in the ‘50s for her gender, she debuted at a major gallery this week.
  30. artists to watch
    11 Artists Poised to Have a Breakout YearWearing some mix of their clothes and ours. 
  31. art and design 2016
    Tour an Artist’s Light-Filled Parisian-Style Studio in HarlemPainter Elizabeth Colomba turned her second bedroom into an airy work space.
  32. video
    How David Hockney Painted His Ex-Lover’s Wedding PortraitFeaturing a stand-in taxidermied cat.
  33. encounter
    152 Minutes With the Chief Priestess of CreativityJulia Cameron, the author of The Artist’s Way, has been unlocking our inner spirits for more than two decades.
  34. look book
    The Artist Who Wears His Mother’s Coat“There’s a nice continuity to wearing your parents’ clothes.”
  35. advice
    Ask Polly: How Do I Make a Living As an Artist?First, you have to make being an artist your religion. Next, get a job.
  36. 100% boy tears
    Pinup Girls for Angsty Millennials Lena Dunham is a superfan. 
  37. party lines
    Party Pics: The First Wave From Art Basel MiamiThe pilgrimage to South Florida has begun.
  38. interviews
    Meet Jynne Dilling Martin, the Poet at the End of the WorldShe’s the Antarctic artist-in-residence.
  39. party dump
    Surprise: The Rich and Famous Partying in the HamptonsThe art set went hardest this week.
  40. her mossness
    Kate Moss Playboy Update: Chuck Close Involved?He’s supposedly making a painting based on her nude shoot.