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Ashley Dupre

  1. redemption
    We Pardon Spitzer, But Still Judge Former Sex Workers (Like Me)I would be fine with politicians’ redemption if sex workers were allowed the same dignity of returning to normalcy.
  2. Introducing the Collected Works of Ashley DupréAlso introducing her baby!
  3. when kell freezes over
    Kelly Cutrone Gives New Meaning to the Word ‘Hooker’Our recap of the season premiere lies within.
  4. loose threads
    Ruffian to Do Anthropologie Collection; Ashley Dupré Not Welcome at Fashion Week PartyAlso, Gisele Bündchen is now a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations.
  5. model tracker
    Apparently Ashley Dupré Is a Runway Model NowBeats her former job title?
  6. show & tell
    Veronica Webb and Chris Benz Welcome Ashley Dupré to the Fashion WorldWebb: “No matter what you do for a living, you still need clothes.”
  7. nonsense
    Ashley Dupré Eyed for Fashion-Magazine SpreadThe call-girl-cum-singer’s assault on Fashion Week continues.
  8. loose threads
    Saks Now Selling $21,000 Suits; Carla Bruni Wears Young DesignerAlso, Kelly Cutrone speaks on the Dupre debacle.
  9. call service
    Shopbop.com Model Looks Exactly Like Ashley DupréIs the Dupré double take subliminal messaging?
  10. loose threads
    Marc Jacobs Casts Models for Fall; Jessica Simpson Does UnderwearKirsten Owen and Stella Tennant will appear in Jacobs’s fall campaign. Also, Pierr Bergé plans to auction contents of YSL’s Left Bank home.