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People are always asking Jennifer G. Sullivan their beauty questions, which makes sense because (a) She's learned a few things in her years as a beauty journalist and host of Fat Mascara, a podcast that takes a closer look at beauty culture, and (b) the internet is a soup of conflicting advice and Google ads that feeds our worst insecurities without providing much assistance. And if there are two things Jenn loves, it’s calling out b.s. and helping people feel better about themselves. So that’s what this biweekly column is for. No concern is too vain, trivial, obscure, or embarrassing — she's here to help. Send your questions to

ask a beauty editor

Should I Worry About UV Damage While Getting a Gel Manicure?

A recent study found that exposure to a UV nail-polish dryer led to cell deaths. We spoke to experts about how to protect yourself.

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