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    How to Not Look Like You’re Drenched in SweatThe Cut editors share tips for avoiding swamp-ass in our latest advice video.
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    How to Stop Being Jealous of Your FriendsOur editors weigh in for the latest “Ask the Cut” video.
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    How to Rebound From the Worst Haircut EverIn our latest video, the Cut editors share advice for how to cope with catastrophic haircuts.  
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    How to Wear Makeup While You’re SweatingIn the latest “Ask the Cut” video, we offer advice for wearing makeup in the summer heat.
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    What Do You Do When You Hate Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend?We’ll let you know in the first installment of our “Ask the Cut” video series.
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    Now’s Your Chance to Ask the Cut Editors AnythingTalk social to us.