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  1. assault
    Someone Dumped a Bottle of Water on This Fox News Host at a Campaign Event“That kind of anger scares me,” Fox host Kat Timpf said.
  2. Former MMA Fighter War Machine Gets Life Sentence for Assaulting Ex-GirlfriendHe’ll be eligible for parole in 36 years.
  3. A Wisconsin Lawmaker Is Trying to Get ‘Stealthing’ Classified As Sexual Assault“This behavior is predatory and disturbing.”
  4. bill o’reilly
    Bill O’Reilly Allegedly Assaulted Ex-Wife After She Found Him Having Phone SexA new report from Jezebel details claims made in an October 2011 affidavit.
  5. assault
    Ex-MMA Fighter War Machine Found Guilty of Assaulting Ex-GirlfriendJonathan Paul Koppenhaver, a.k.a. War Machine, was convicted in the brutal 2014 assault of ex-girlfriend Christy Mack.
  6. transphobia
    Man Charged With Hate Crime After Beating Two Trans Women Outside NYC McDonald’sPatrick O’Meara, 38, punched and kicked the women as they attempted to enter the fast-food establishment.
  7. new year’s eve
    Vienna Police Will Be Handing Out Pocket Alarms to Women on New Year’s EveA precaution against last year’s New Year’s attacks in Germany.
  8. assault
    NBA Player Matt Barnes Accused of Choking Woman in NYC NightclubThe Sacramento Kings player has a history of being accused of violence.
  9. This Woman Was Punched in the Face by a Man for Speaking Out Against TrumpThey apparently got in an argument about the election.
  10. awful things
    Chicago Man Beat a Woman With Frozen Chicken for Not Flirting With HimIt happened on a bus.
  11. details
    Melania Trump Is Seeking a Retraction and an Apology From People MagazineHer lawyer writes that she and the reporter at People “were never friends or even friendly.”
  12. today in donald trump
    People Magazine Writer Pens Personal Story About Alleged Assault by Donald TrumpNatasha Stoynoff recounts how Trump forcibly kissed her prior to an interview in 2005.
  13. violence against women
    This Woman Was Run Over by Men on a Moped for Ignoring Their CatcallsShe was walking home from a shopping center.
  14. You go gigi
    Gigi Hadid Wants Women to Know They Have the Right to Fight BackShe opened up about her recent assault.
  15. violence against women
    A Woman in Turkey Was Kicked in the Face for Wearing ShortsPeople are furious.
  16. Museum Will Make No Mention of Cosby AllegationsIt is scheduled to open in September.
  17. excuses
    Man Says He Tripped and His Penis Fell Into TeenThat’s not how these things work.
  18. More Women Have Accused James Deen of Assault“James Deen ruthlessly attacked and degraded me.”
  19. assault
    Bulls Player Derrick Rose Accused of Drugging and Gang-raping His Ex-GirlfriendShe sued him for unspecified damages.