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Athletic Wear

  1. Tom Brady Teamed Up With Under Armour to Make Some High-Tech SleepwearIt uses “far-infrared” technology to improve your sleep.
  2. dress code
    United Airlines Gate Agent Made Teens in Leggings Cover UpAccording to one Twitter user who saw the event.
  3. ahead of the curve
    Nike Finally Releases Extended-Size Workout ClothesStarring none other than model Paloma Elsesser.
  4. athletic wear
    16 Activewear Pieces on Sale NowSome pretty great steals for your second wardrobe.
  5. look of the day
    Taylor Swift Wore a Porkpie Hat to the GymNo sports bra for her.
  6. sporty spice
    2014 Sochi Olympic Uniforms Are Doing Too MuchA 100 percent wool eruption of patriotic imagery.
  7. history
    It’s the History of Sports BrasSo little bounce, so much fun.
  8. kiddie chic
    ‘Magic’ Sneakers in Japan Sell More Than 10 Million PairsThe design supposedly enables faster running.