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  1. How Distraction Might Sap Your Concern for the WorldA new study suggests that when we are distracted from something, our brain assumes it must not be important.
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    ‘Pre-Questions’ Could Make It Easier for Online Videos to Teach People StuffWith so many demands on everyone’s attention, it can be hard to actually learn anything from online videos. This idea might help, though.
  3. Multitasking Makes Drivers Feel Confident, Is Killing a Historic Number of ThemThe first six months of 2016 have seen 17,775 vehicular deaths. Blame addictive apps and human cognition.
  4. The Bullet Journal Works Because It Soothes Your Panicky MindA neuroscientist explains the appeal of the internet’s favorite productivity porn.
  5. When Adult ADHD Looks Something Like ‘Flow’Hyperfocus — that is, too much concentration, as opposed to a scattered attention span — is a little-understood aspect of ADHD.
  6. Don’t Just Blame Phones for Car Crashes; Blame Your Loudmouth Friends and FamilyYour metacognition is going to shrink.
  7. How to Make the Most of a Scattered Attention SpanIt’s a great state of mind for generating new ideas.
  8. New Insights Are Causing Scientists to Rethink Adult ADHDThe disorder can show up in adulthood even if it never appeared in childhood.
  9. Turns Out You Really Do Think Brilliant Thoughts in the ShowerResearch shows that sudden flashes of insight are often right.
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    Why More Girls Are Being Diagnosed With ADHDIt’s a kind of course correction after decades of research focused mainly on how the attention disorder looks in boys.
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    It’s Healthy to Let Your Mind WanderIt can also help stimulate creativity.