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  1. style
    The Story Behind Princess Diana’s $1 Million Sweater“I don’t totally subscribe to the theory that she was sending a message about it,” says one of its designers.
  2. $$$
    The Celebs Are Peddling Their Wares on eBayLena Dunham WILL paint your walls for a good cause.
  3. sensible purchases
    The Joan Didion Estate Sale Was MadnessWho paid $11,000 for a stack of blank notebooks?!
  4. fundraising
    A Celebrity Auction for a Good CauseWith signed Telfar bags, a mask Barbie Ferreira wore on HBO’s Euphoria, and more.
  5. fundraising
    The Strategist’s First-Ever Celebrity Auction Is HereAll proceeds will go to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.
  6. $$$
    Hugh Hefner’s Sticky Belongings Could Soon Be YoursIf you feel so inclined, you can bid on items such as his signature smoking jacket and signature pipe.
  7. granny panties
    You Can Now Bid on Queen Victoria’s Roomy Cotton PantiesThe monarch’s monogrammed undies are expected to sell for several thousand pounds.
  8. up for auction
    Tomorrow, People Will Bid on a Single Strand of Elvis’s Hair Ew.
  9. weddings!
    Elizabeth Taylor’s First Wedding Dress to Be AuctionedOne of eight!