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Austin Scarlett

  1. new york fugging city
    The Fug Girls Predict the Project Runway All Stars WinnerPlace your bets now. 
  2. make it work
    Runway Recap: Five Six Looks in Four DaysYes, Mondo is STILL grouchy. Someone peed in his jumbo-size box of cornflakes back on day one and he’s been too stubborn to stop eating them since.
  3. party lines
    See Fergie, Jessica White, Kyle MacLachlan, and More at Heidi Klum’s Twelfth Annual Halloween PartyAlso, Heidi tells us it took her six hours to get her costume on and three months to make it.
  4. the times of our lives
    Heidi Klum and Seal to Counsel Couples in New Lifetime ShowIt’s tentatively titled ‘Love’s Divine,’ which it must certainly be when you’re Heidi Klum and Seal.
  5. look of the day
    Austin Scarlett Wears His Tie Outside His CollarYour thoughts?
  6. video look book
    Project Runway’s Austin Scarlett Mixes Vintage Finds with H&M“I would describe the way I dress as a modern dandy aesthetic,” he tells this week’s Video Look Book.
  7. wigging out
    How the Fashion Set Did HalloweenSee the costumes of Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, Lydia Hearst, and more.
  8. new york fugging city
    ‘Project Runway’ Returns: Our Early ThoughtsAfter all the drama leading up to this season’s premiere of ‘Project Runway,’ we had our worries — but the Fug Girls think it’s all gonna be okay.
  9. party lines
    Tim Gunn and Friends Run Their Mouths at ‘Guide to Style’ PartyLast night at the Soho Grand Tim Gunn celebrated with Veronica Webb and Project Runway alums Jeffrey Sebelia, Austin Scarlett, and Laura Bennett.