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  1. hairy situations
    Billie Eilish’s New Hair Is the Color of SummerIn the green.
  2. oh no
    Joy Behar Injured in Bloody Avocado Accident“The View” co-host said she had a case of “avocado hand”.
  3. indecent proposals
    We Don’t Need to Make Avocado Proposals a ThingI’m begging you, turn back now.
  4. swellness
    Sorry, But an Avocado Is Not a BunWhat fresh hell is this?
  5. swellness
    Good Fats Are Good for You, So Pile on the AvocadoMusic to our ears.
  6. advice
    10 Steps to Global Guacamole DominationStop wasting your avocados on toast.
  7. am i dying
    Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Avocado?Let’s talk about your guacamole habit.
  8. look of the day
    Taylor Swift Dressed Like an Equestrian to Go to Whole FoodsJust a casual equestrian look.
  9. Why You Love Avocados and Other Foods You Used to HateA “food preference expert” explains how our taste evolves as we age.