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  1. celebrity
    Does Avril Lavigne Have a New Sk8er Boi?After breaking off her engagement with Mod Sun, she was spotted kissing Tyga in Paris.
  2. are u coming?
    Nightlife Fixture Kevin Carpet Does Not Get Off on Getting Stepped OnPlease: no stilettos.
  3. celebrity
    Avril Lavigne Is EngagedHer boyfriend, Mod Sun, proposed in Paris.
  4. nostalgia
    Avril Lavigne Says a ‘Sk8r Boi’ Movie Is in the WorksPerhaps it will be rockin’ up MTV?
  5. best of
    Sixteen Excellent ‘Undercut’ HairstylesKeeping heads cool in more ways than one.
  6. billboard awards 2013
    Billboard Awards Red-Carpet Highlights: Madonna’s Fishnets, Ke$ha’s Butt CheekAnd Justin Bieber took his droopy drawers to new levels.
  7. beauty marks
    Carla Bruni May Have Overdone the Botox; Avril Lavigne Got Black HighlightsPlus, see a picture of Heidi Klum, circa 1992, as a brunette.
  8. beauty marks
    Marc Jacobs Perfume; Victoria Beckham on Harper’sPlus, lawmakers discuss the need to strengthen federal cosmetics regulations.
  9. loose threads
    DVF Coke Bottles; GQ Closet So Fresh & So CleanPlus, Alexander Wang’s Asian expansion, Daphne’s new windows, and more fashion news.
  10. beauty marks
    Nicki Minaj Can’t Do Her Own Eye Makeup; Jude Law Fends Off Balding RumorsPlus, a high school in Leeds, England, is being criticized for giving makeup lessons to its 14- and 15-year-old students.
  11. mid-twenties angst
    Avril Lavigne Is Trying to Be the Next Jessica Simpson of Celebrity ‘Designers’She’s pulling out of Kohl’s so that she can sell internationally.
  12. beauty marks
    Kelly Cutrone’s Long and Storied Hair History; Justin Bieber’s Proactiv EndorsementAlso, Sephora decides to press charges against Caroline Giuliani.
  13. beauty marks
    James Franco Fronts New Gucci Fragrance Campaign; Topshop Makeup Line to Launch in MayAnd the High Line gets its own fragrance by Bond No. 9.
  14. skin is in
    Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne Hate Zits, Promote ProactivLook how many celebrities despise acne!
  15. this will scare you
    What Is Ron Jeremy Doing at Fashion Week?Checking out Avril Lavigne’s latest collection for Kohl’s, of course!
  16. beauty marks
    The Perks of Marrying a Plastic Surgeon; Avril’s New Scent Is Rebellious and CutePlus, the anti-aging properties of breast milk.
  17. beauty marks
    Lara Stone’s French Vogue Makeover; Tyra to Declare National Real Hair DayAnd Avril’s new fragrance campaign packs a punch.
  18. good girl gone bad
    Rihanna Promises to Cover Up for Malaysia ShowGovernment regulations stipulate female performers must cover themselves from the top of the chest to the knees.
  19. run through
    Sheryl Crow and Criss Angel Launch Clothing Lines; Fashion GroansIt’s the plague that never ends: celebrity fashion lines.
  20. run through
    Avril Lavigne’s Juniors’ Line Hits the Sale RackIt seems response has been slow to Lavigne’s suspenders tee, lightning-bolt Capris, and leopard tank. Go figure.
  21. cult of personality
    Video: Avril Lavigne Tries to Get Excited About Her New Clothing LineAvril Lavigne’s new clothing line hits stores this month, but she’s not very convincing in the new video promoting it.
  22. beauty marks
    Avril Lavigne’s Fragrance and Lauren Conrad’s Fake HairAvril Lavigne’s fragrance will come out fall ‘09, Lauren Conrad has hair extensions, and Vietnam is the most attractive market for beauty products.
  23. beauty marks
    Sarah Jessica Parker Still Really Famous; Canada Does Hair AwardsSarah Jessica Parker was worried no one would show up to her fragrance event in Paris, Canada gave Avril Lavigne a hair award, and makeup is now specially made for high-def television.
  24. run through
    Celebrity Designers Proliferate, But Mrs. Beckham Is a Difficult OneBefore we can make a joke about how we hope Such-and-Such Celebrity doesn’t go and design a clothing line, Such-and-Such Celebrity goes and designs a clothing line. (See: Ashlee Simpson.)
  25. new york fugging city
    Dear Kate: Those Who Do Not Learn From a Topshop Line…When Kate Moss’s Topshop line first debuted last April, we made no secret of the fact that it wasn’t our cup of Earl Grey. Indeed, the words “crap” and “fashion myopia” may have been invoked. And the latest incarnation isn’t much better.
  26. loose threads
    Most Runway Looks Never Make It to Stores; Crawford Probably Won’t Host ‘The View’ After AllABC is shooting down Liz Smith’s claim that Cindy Crawford might become a host on The View or Good Morning America. [British Vogue]
  27. run through
    Breaking: Avril Lavigne Launches Tragic Juniors’ BrandWe are seriously worried about the fate of our nation’s tween girls. First Hannah Montana inspires them to get grown-up manicures, and now Avril Lavigne is going to make stuff for them to wear?