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  1. awful things
    North Carolina KKK Leader Threatens to ‘Burn’ Black Univision ReporterChristopher Barker made derogatory and threatening comments to journalist Ilia Calderón.
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    Woman Killed in Charlottesville Was ‘Murdered While Protesting Hate’Thirty-two-year-old Heather Heyer “had a very strong sense of right and wrong” and was dedicated to ending injustice, according to her mother.
  3. sexual assault
    New Lawsuit Alleges Baylor Football Players Committed Gang Rapes to ‘Bond’It also says players took photos and videos as they gang-raped women.
  4. sexual assault
    Teenage Girls Say They Were Sexually Assaulted by a Border-Patrol OfficerThe girls, then 17 and 19, are seeking damages from the federal government.
  5. sexual assault
    Ohio Woman Sentenced to Prison for Livestreaming Her Friend’s RapeShe was sentenced to nine months in prison.
  6. awful things
    This Judge Is Accused of Trading Sexual Favors for FreedomHe resigned before the investigation could be completed.
  7. politics
    Trump Rally Speaker Openly Fantasizes About the Death of Hillary ClintonThe rallygoers cheered.
  8. sexual assault
    The Baylor Sexual Assault Scandal Is Worse Than Anyone ThoughtFour gang rapes were reported.
  9. politics
    Female Politicians Are More Likely to Face Threats of Rape and ViolenceMore than 40 percent of female politicians said they’d been threatened with rape, beatings, or abduction.
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    Chicago Man Beat a Woman With Frozen Chicken for Not Flirting With HimIt happened on a bus.
  11. awful things
    Missouri Fraternity Allegedly Forced New Members to Give Women Date-Rape DrugsMen hoping to join the fraternity allegedly had to drug a woman as part of initiation.
  12. awful things
    There Have Been at Least 9 Violent Attacks on Women by Trump SupportersIt’s been ugly out there.
  13. awful things
    LAPD Detective Investigating Derrick Rose Rape Accusations Found DeadForty-four-year-old Nadine Hernandez died from a gunshot wound.
  14. awful things
    A Husband Who Beat His Wife Had His Conviction Overturned for the Worst ReasonAn appeals court ruled the voice-mail that recorded her screams could not be used as evidence.
  15. awful things
    Los Angeles Police Confirm Active Criminal Investigation Against Derrick RoseIt’s separate from the civil suit, which will come to trial next week.
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    Uber Operator Allegedly Laughed at a Man for Calling to Report a Sexual AssaultThe driver has since been permanently banned.
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    Italian Woman Whose Sex Tape Went Viral Commits SuicideTiziana Cantone became a meme for all the wrong reasons.
  18. awful things
    Washington State University Fraternity Suspended After Reports of Sexual AssaultOne woman was allegedly assaulted, and at least three say they were drugged.
  19. awful things
    Derrick Rose’s Alleged Victim Speaks Out About Her Gang Rape“Waking up and not knowing is the scariest thing.”
  20. awful things
    Woman Asks Man for Directions, He Responds by Sexually Assaulting HerPolice are still searching for a suspect.
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    Fertility Doctor Allegedly Used His Own Sperm 50 Times on PatientsHe told them the sperm was donated by med students.
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    Teenage Girls Are Trading Sex Work for FoodThis is the sad reality for teens in many of the country’s low-income communities.
  23. awful things
    Maryland Police Routinely Dismissed Rape ReportsThe cases were dismissed without being investigated.
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    As Many As 13 Accusers Could Testify in Bill Cosby’s Sexual-Assault TrialThe comedian will appear in court on June 5.
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    Domestic Abuse Victims Suffer the Same Brain Injuries As Football PlayersBut their injuries often go undiagnosed and untreated.
  26. awful things
    Flakka Is Like Bath Salts, But WorseThe synthetic stimulant can have terrifying side effects.
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    Domestic Abuser Gurbaksh Chahal Could Go to JailFor violating his probation by kicking yet another woman.
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    Report: USA Gymnastics Ignored Dozens of Allegations of Sexual Abuse by CoachesThe organization received complaints about more than 50 coaches, and at least 4 were later convicted of abusing young girls.
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    Rhode Island Prep School Settles Up to 30 Sex-Abuse Claims“People feel like this is the school recognizing what they went through.”
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    Exeter Accused of Mishandling Sexual AssaultPhillips Exeter Academy is under fire for their alleged mishandling of a groping case.
  31. Celebrities Pay Tribute to Sterling, CastileWith powerful songs, moments of silence, and calls to action.
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    Civilian Mom Shot in Dallas While Shielding Her 4 SonsShetamia Taylor was one of two nonpolice victims.
  33. Samantha Bee Takes an Internet Comment QuizLiberally apply Purell to your ears, brain, and soul.
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    Teen Who Texted Her Boyfriend Encouraging His Suicide Will Go on TrialMichelle Carter has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.
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    Brock Turner’s Dad Pens Letter in Son’s DefenseHe calls the assault “20 minutes of action.”