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  1. awkward
    Here’s What Really Happened in That Extremely Awkward Rami Malek Fan Video“I think he’s a genuine person, and this was not at the right time, because this was at night, and he was rushing,” Xan Black tells the Cut.
  2. media
    This Incredibly Awkward Morning Joe Segment Is Hard to WatchIt all started to go south when a guest implied that Joe Scarborough was talking over his co-host and co-fiancée Mika Brzezinski.
  3. awkward
    Roy Moore Spokesperson Congratulates Host on Pregnancy by Bringing Up Abortion“He’ll stand for the rights of babies like yours in the womb, where his opponent will support killing them up to the moment of birth.”
  4. international drama
    Listen to Leaked Audio of the Australian Prime Minister Roasting TrumpMalcolm Turnbull did a mocking impression of Trump at what was supposed to be an off-the-record event.
  5. oops
    Nicole Richie’s Interview High-Five Turned Into an Awkward Slap to the FaceHer shocked face says it all.
  6. awkward
    Fox Used Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood Tape in a Sexual-Harassment SeminarAwkward.
  7. awkward
    Trump Campaign Manager Accidentally Refers to His ‘Abuse’ of Women on Live TVKellyanne Conway made a Freudian slip.
  8. Awkward
    Demi Lovato Survived Your Nightmare: Getting Stuck in an Elevator With Her ExHow brave.
  9. awkward
    Poor, Awkward Jeb Bush Is Giving People Secondhand Embarrassment“Please clap.” 
  10. awkward
    USC Wants to Know How Many People You’ve BangedJust curious.
  11. parents
    Yeah, Parents, You Really Need to Awkwardly Talk to Your Kids About SexSays a pediatrician in a very convincing YouTube video.
  12. How to Stop Stressing Over Small TalkHint: Don’t make this about you. 
  13. You’re Hopelessly Awkward at Leaving Voice Mails, So Just StopOne researcher compares leaving a message to stage fright—only worse.
  14. growing up
    Jennifer Aniston Admits She Was Way Awkward in Her ThirtiesJust unbearably gawky.
  15. awkward
    Diane von Furstenberg Walked In on Chelsea Clinton in the Bathroom“Happens all the time,” says Clinton’s chief of staff.
  16. awkward
    Amanda Seyfried Wore Her Cocktail Dress Backward on the Red CarpetIt probably would have looked better back-to-front.