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  1. science of us
    Here’s Why Eye Contact Is So Awkward for Some PeopleCertain personality traits can turn one person’s friendly gaze into another’s excruciating stare.
  2. lunch
    Germans Have the Opposite of Sad Desk Lunch, and It’s Basically MandatoryBut is it any better than sad desk lunch? That’s debatable.
  3. How Awkward Are You, Really? Here’s a Quiz That Tells YouTest your conversational skills.
  4. Watch the Exact Moment When Eye Contact Goes From Friendly to WeirdIt happens pretty quickly.
  5. A Brief Guide to Convincing Total Strangers to Do Your BiddingIt’s easier than you probably expect.
  6. If You Have an Awkward Work Problem, This Is the Person to Ask About ItAsk a Manager’s Alison Green is your work therapist.
  7. What Cringing at Your Own Dumb Voice Reveals About YouThe “you” that exists in your own head is often very different from the “you” the world perceives.
  8. awkwardness
    Why Peter Pan Live! Made You UncomfortableSecondhand awkwardness.