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  1. now smell this
    John Legend on Toxic Masculinity and Touring With Chrissy Teigen“We’ve got a crib and a changing table on the bus.”
  2. ordinary people
    John Legend on His Sitcom Pilot With Chrissy Teigen“A modern-day romantic comedy.”
  3. fragrant friday
    Michael B. Jordan on Baby Feet Smell, Bubble Wrap, and His New Gig With Axe “I have a lot of women followers.”
  4. teens
    Deluge of Axe Body Spray Shuts Down SchoolIt’s a story of youthful hubris and nauseating smells.
  5. beauty marks
    More on Rod Blagojevich’s Hair; Kiehl’s Gives BackPlus, Katie Fogarty gets tattooed for Blackbook magazine.