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    The Only Parenting Books You Should Actually BuyWorthwhile reads about raising a kid.
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    Why Are We Only Talking About ‘Mom Books’ by White Women?Authors of color tend to be overlooked in discussions about the Mom Book trend.
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    So You Want to Read About Having a BabyHave we got the list for you.
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    A New Crop of Mom Thrillers Taps Into Our Worst FearsOur children’s death, and anything that would lead to it.
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    What American Parents Can Learn From German OnesA book to add to the “parenting: Americans do it wrong” genre.
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    Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned From Kids’ BooksDr. Seuss is often more helpful than Dr. Sears.
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    This New Book Attempts to Guide Moms Returning to WorkAt first, it filled me with hope.
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    Mom Kelly Rowland ‘Didn’t Go to School for This’So she consulted experts to help write her charming guide for new moms, Whoa, Baby!