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  1. science of us
    Soon I Will Be Vindicated for Not Washing My Face for YearsAll these pro-bacteria stories are mounting.
  2. skin deep
    My Secret to Good Skin Is Owning 24 Freaking WashclothsThey cost $15.
  3. science of us
    Does Your Apartment Have Friendly Microbes?On the difference between ground-floor microbes and the ones found higher up.
  4. guts
    Can Gut Bacteria Slow Down Aging?Try not to poo-poo it.
  5. Bacteria Shirt Might Be the Key to Not Being Drenched in Sweat After Working OutThe bioLogic shirt was designed by MIT scientists.
  6. A Gross But Effective Deodorant Alternative: Borrow a Friend’s Armpit BacteriaA real friend will gladly lend you a few microbes.
  7. bad science
    Scientists Just Tested the ‘5-Second Rule’Bad news, floor-food lovers.
  8. The White House Just Pledged Millions of Dollars to Study BacteriaA substantial federal investment to better understand the Earth’s teensiest organisms.
  9. Your Vaginal Bacteria Is Good For Something!Swabbing newborns may support health later.
  10. weighty matters
    You Can Maybe Blame Antibiotics for Making You Gain WeightAnd not even the ones you’ve taken.
  11. nutrition
    The Scientists Who Want to Fix America’s Intestines Started With Their OwnJustin and Erica Sonnenburg believe that the root of many Western diseases can be traced to our languishing guts.
  12. A 10-Second Kiss Spreads 80 Million BacteriaEw.