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    And Now, an Update on Alan DershowitzEpstein’s lawyer was scheduled to defend biblical characters accused of “kidnapping and child trafficking” in a mock trial.
  2. bad ideas
    Megyn Kelly Claims Some Women Want to Be Fat-ShamedShe says she asked her stepfather to call her a fat ass when she was trying to lose weight in law school.
  3. bad ideas
    Please, Do Not Make ‘Snow Cream’ Out of New York City SnowIt cannot be good for you.
  4. bad ideas
    Miss America CEO Reportedly Bad-Mouthed Contestants in Personal EmailsSam Haskell allegedly called a former winner “trashy” and “huge.”
  5. bad ideas
    Doug Jones Says America Should ‘Move on’ From Allegations Against TrumpRethink this.
  6. bad ideas
    A PR Company Is Sending Newsrooms #MeToo-Branded CookiesWith an M made to look like the Weinstein Company logo.
  7. bad ideas
    People Hate the Google Maps Calorie CounterDistances are measured in mini cupcakes.
  8. bad ideas
    Miu Miu Learns Clothes With Yellow Star Patches Are Not A Good IdeaThe Prada-owned company removed the clothes after many said they were reminiscent of yellow stars Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust.
  9. bad ideas
    A Non-Muslim Australian Senator Wore a Burka in Parliament to Push for Burka BanPauline Hanson’s stunt outraged Senate leadership.
  10. bad ideas
    Chris Brown Probably Shouldn’t Have Commented on Rihanna’s InstagramHell hath no fury like Rihanna fans scorned.
  11. bad ideas
    Angelina Jolie Had an … Unconventional Method for Casting Her Latest MovieShe gave money to poor kids, then took it away, to see how they’d react.
  12. bad ideas
    Gynecologist Warns Not to Put Ground-Up Wasps’ Nests in Your VaginaDuly noted.
  13. bad ideas
    A New TV Show Had Contestants Guess Whether a Woman Was Pregnant or FatDutch TV show Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee is not going over well.
  14. bad ideas
    10 Alternatives to Goop’s Sold-out Vaginal Jade EggsThe resale market is probably booming.
  15. bad ideas
    This Notorious Heir Was Just Arrested For Faking His Own KidnappingElkann claimed he was being held for a $10,000 ransom.
  16. bad ideas
    Hilary Duff and Boyfriend Jason Walsh Chose Very Unfortunate Halloween CostumesThey did not get the memo.
  17. bad ideas
    Italian Women Are Not Happy With Italy’s Sexist ‘Fertility Day’ CampaignNot only is it sexist, it doesn’t address the real problem.
  18. bad ideas
    KFC Is Now Making Edible Nail Polish That Tastes Like ChickenIt tastes like chicken.
  19. unamusment park
    Erotic Theme Park Sounds Just As Stressful As Regular Theme ParkWe’ll sit this one out. 
  20. bad ideas
    Man With Vacuum-Cleaner Crotch Tattoo Somehow Still SingleHuh.
  21. women of god
    Ladies, Would You Go to Church If It Were Shaped Like a Shoe?Shopping. Pedicures. And a little bit of God.
  22. bad ideas
    Man’s Romantic Stunt Proposal Ends With a MisdemeanorWelp.
  23. bad ideas
    Vogue Says: Starve Yourself Now, Don’t Wait Until JanuaryWhy wait to deny yourself all that food and happiness?
  24. bad ideas
    Enlightened Company Thinks the Time Is Right to Sell Women Bad BeerIf you’re going to use women’s equality to shill beverages, at least make them quality beverages.
  25. Who Among Us Would Have Sex With a Trump Sex Doll?Seriously, who?
  26. video
    Anti-Sexism Ad Yanked for Being SexistOops.
  27. unsolicited advice
    Maybe Refrain from Tweeting ‘Kill All White Men’We know it’s hard.
  28. Halloween Pop-Up to Carry Caitlyn Jenner CostumeThey see nothing wrong with this.
  29. bad ideas
    Women’s Museum Becomes Women’s-Killer MuseumThe museum was supposed to celebrate women’s accomplishments, but instead it spotlights U.K. sex-worker murderer Jack the Ripper.
  30. bad ideas
    PSA: Drunk Driving Bad, Insulting Women Totally FineTennessee officials yanked an anti-drunk-driving campaign after complaints it was sexist.
  31. frankenstorm
    No One Shopped During Hurricane Sandy, ObviouslyDespite American Apparel’s best (and ickiest) efforts.
  32. bad ideas
    Apparently, Pejazzling Is HappeningNope, not okay.
  33. bad idea
    Are Lederhosen the New Jeggings? Say It Ain’t SoSupposedly we’re all going to be wearing leather shorts this spring.
  34. bad ideas
    Levi’s Attempts Convict-ChicThis doesn’t strike us as the best way to sell clothes.
  35. bad ideas
    L.A. Fashion Week Is Trying to Make a ComebackBut there are still many reasons why this probably won’t ever happen.
  36. bad ideas
    Faux Fashion Week for Normal People Threatens Real Fashion Week’s ExclusivityIt’s for charity but still — tacky!
  37. bad ideas
    Gwyneth Paltrow Is Designing Clothes NowThe line doesn’t even have “GOOP” in the name. Boo.
  38. bad ideas
    Audrina Patridge Landed a SpinoffGod help us.
  39. bad ideas
    Is The Wall Street Journal’s Fashion Blog on Its Last Legs?Sources say the blog could go dark any minute.
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    Madonna’s Doing a Clothing Line With Christian AudigierTattoo-print tees and diamante-encrusted bodices are coming soon.
  41. bad ideas
    Kevin Federline Is Working on a Kids’ LineDon’t ask questions, because there are no answers.