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  1. bad news
    Bad News: Kate Winslet’s Husband, Ned Rocknroll, Changed His Name Back to SmithNed Rocknroll … were we ever so young?
  2. parental leave
    U.S. Parental Leave Is Worsening in Some Ways, Says a New SurveryThe number of companies offering full pay has dropped.
  3. bad news
    South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Signed a Bill That Bans Abortion at 20 WeeksThe law took effect on May 25.
  4. stress
    How to Recover If Reading the News Is Stressing You OutPolitics, plane crashes, food-safety scares — what to do when it all gets to be too much. 
  5. bad news
    Public Health Workers Will Call Your Ex If You Have an STDYou weren’t brave enough, so now it’s a government service.
  6. bad news
    Study: A Face-lift Won’t Make You Look HotterOr even much younger.