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Bad Romance

  1. love and war
    Lady Gaga Is Over Love Games and Bad RomancesThe Mother Monster recently parted ways with fiancé Taylor Kinney.
  2. trophy boyfriends
    Oscar-Winner Charlize Theron Broke Up With Her BoyfriendEven breakups are sexist. 
  3. bad romance
    Man Tries to Be Romantic, Disaster Ensues Do not try this at home.
  4. texting while dating
    Study: Too Much Texting Could Ruin Your RelationshipHow to lose a guy without even talking in person.
  5. bad romance
    9 Valentine’s Day Activities Worse Than Being AloneWe’ll take freedom and a Netflix log-in any day.
  6. gagapalooza
    Want a ‘Metal Facemask’ Worn by Lady Gaga?Of course you do.
  7. bad romance
    Mark Fast Declined to Lend Clothes to Lady Gaga, Shuns ‘Fast-Food Fashion’“We don’t necessarily have to accept everyone just because they are famous.”
  8. bad romance
    Antonio Berardi Refused to Work With Lady Gaga, Cites ‘Meaningless’ MusicSomeone smack this man upside the head with a disco stick.