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  1. The 13 Craziest Things People Do to Maintain Their Leather PursesPillows, Chanel makeup remover, and Armor All are on the list.
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    Mansur Gavriel Launches E-Commerce TodayOn your marks.
  3. spring 2014 bag cam
    Bag Cam: All the Candy-Colored Bags and Clutches at NYFWYou’ll want them all.
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    How to Pack Your Clutch Like a Fashion EditorNineteen tiny essentials that will get you through a long day.
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    Detail Cam: Look at All the Pretty Bags People Are Wearing at Fashion WeekThis is where the pros stash phones, gum, invites, and power bars.
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    See All Sixteen of Miu Miu’s Special New York Fashion Week HandbagsAnd there’ll be another 30 bags released in the European show cities.
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    Rooney Mara in Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola BagAnd what a cool club it is.
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    Detail Cam: The Pretty Bags Spotted at Fashion WeekA lovely montage to start your morning.
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    Highly Convincing Counterfeit Handbags Are Severely Embarrassing Innocent, Bargain-Hungry New York WomenOne even brought her fake into a YSL store for repair and was basically humiliated out of Manhattan.
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    Here’s a Great Way to Fine Tourists and City Residents for Being TackyPeople seen buying counterfeit designer merchandise might get fined $1,000 if a new bill passes.
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    Lauren Santo Domingo Has Fah-bulous Taste in HandbagsAnd fabulous wealth with which to buy them.
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    For Probably a Lot More Than $2,000, You Can Have the Birkin Bag That Jane Birkin’s Cat May Have Sat OnWhy, what could be a better thing to spend that money on? It goes to charity!
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    Lauren Bush and Her Feed Initiative to Infiltrate the World of Fine TupperwareFeed the poor while you feed yourself a lunch at your desk.
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    Purse or Pet?It’s by Marc Jacobs, made from beaver fur, and costs $3,895.
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    Price of Chanel Bags Could Skyrocket in August“Your stockpile of Chanel bags will not sustain you during a nuclear explosion,” cautions a worried blogger.
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    Angelina Jolie Investigated Her $5,000 Horsehair Bag Before She Carried ItTo make sure the horses weren’t mistreated.
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    Introducing Louis Vuitton’s $2,000 Trash-Bag PurseRecession chic without the recession pricing!
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    Chanel to Raise Prices on HandbagsOh, the spell quilted leather casts.
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    Good Luck Getting Alexander Wang’s Rocco BagThe waiting list at Barneys is over 400 long.
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    Video: Marion Cotillard Does Some Scary Things in Dior HeelsThe commercial disguised as a short film for the Lady Dior handbag is out.
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    You Do NOT Want to Get Caught Selling Counterfeit Bags in TaiwanA woman was fined $7.5 million for selling FOUR fake Birkins.
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    Paris Accessories: The “It” Bag Era Is Definitely OverNecklaces and bracelets are big and bold, while bags hold on to classic forms.
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    Bag Ladies Rejoice: Fashion Week’s Top Ten HandbagsThis fall, they are studded, printed, and textured, and we want them all.
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    Got Baggage? It’s Bad for Your BackAs a general rule, your bag should not weigh more than 10 percent of your body weight.