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Ballet Flats

  1. the jess edit
    How to Style Ballet FlatsResist the urge to lean into balletcore.
  2. fashion friend
    Hey, Fashion Friend: Are Ballet Flats Back?Technically, yes, but you don’t have to wear them.
  3. finer things
    Ballet Shoes Gone WildLoewe has a new take on the classic.
  4. modern art
    These Ballet Flats Just Made It to the MoMARepetto is now in the museum’s permanent collection.
  5. emoji 6.0
    Meet the Woman Fighting for a Sensible-Shoe EmojiFlorie Hutchinson rejects the assumption that women walk the world in heels.
  6. business casual
    8 Pairs of Chic Flats Under $150 You Can Wear to WorkYou can wear them to the ground without guilt.
  7. video
    Watch a Ballerina Dance in FEIT’s Cool New FlatsChoreographer Benjamin Millepied cast former NYCB dancer Janie Taylor for a video collab.
  8. best bets
    Best Bet: J.Crew Janey Metallic FlatsMixed metals make this flat the perfect finishing piece to any outfit.
  9. trendlets
    Thirty-two New Shoes That Are Easy to Walk InFrump-free options for a stylish morning commute.
  10. fugly
    Crocs Is Making Ballet FlatsAnd they ain’t pretty.