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  1. self
    Long, Groovy Bangs Are Back, BabyEmbrace the return of the curtain bang.
  2. celebrity
    Britney Spears Issues Powerful Statement on BangsIn an Instagram post, the singer shared her complicated feelings about her forehead.
  3. hairy situations
    How to Trim Bangs at Home Without Screwing UpA step-by-step guide with pictures.
  4. keeping up with the royals
    Kate Middleton Has Trendy Bangs NowShe debuted her new “curtain bangs” in Ireland this week.
  5. hairy situations
    Your Favorite Weird Bangs Are BackIt’s Step Bangs season, according to Celine.
  6. cut opinion pages
    The Mona Lisa Should Just Get BangsHear me out.
  7. celebrity
    Courteney Cox Participates in the Scariest Tradition: Cutting Your Own BangsNo, not drunk texting an ex.
  8. bangs
    Harry Styles Got BangsHis heartthrob hair is no more.
  9. hairy situations
    Bangs Have Gotten Entirely Too ComplicatedToo much!
  10. hairy situations
    RIP, Timothée Chalamet’s CurlsWe will remember you.
  11. hairy situations
    Can You Handle These Bangs?Can you even call them bangs? What is this haircut?
  12. bangs
    Shailene Woodley’s Hair Stylist Explains Her Big Little Bangs“She is still trying to pull her life together.”
  13. culture
    A Review of All the Bangs in the Big Little Lies TrailerThe number of bangs in this season has doubled, with mixed success.
  14. famous hair
    Allow Us to Convince You to Get Curly BangsThey’re having a moment.
  15. famous hair
    Kim Kardashian West Got Bangs in 2019, Just Like We Told Her ToFive other famous people got them, too!
  16. the cut shop
    Here’s a T-shirt to Wear With Your New HaircutAnd inspire others.
  17. promises promises
    You Should Get Bangs in 2019A good resolution.
  18. she bangs
    Bella Hadid Got Bangs Even Though Her Boyfriend’s Ex Also Had BangsWhat does it all mean?
  19. hairy situations
    So, Pikachu Got BangsAww, c’mere, Pikachu. It will all be okay.
  20. bangin’ day
    How to Trim Bangs at Home Without Screwing UpA step-by-step guide with pictures.
  21. hairy situations
    Being Too Lazy to Get Bang Trims Is Cool NowBehold, at Prada.
  22. pinspiration
    14 Animals Better at Beauty Than You AreDo it like they do on the Discovery channel. 
  23. hairy situations
    The 50 Most Memorable Bangs EverFrom Audrey Tautou to Zooey Deschanel.
  24. look of the day
    Laverne Cox Wore BangsThe actress had a busy morning. 
  25. detail cam
    Beauty Cam: Topknots, Lipstick, and Rainbow HairThe Fashion Week crowd also seems to think blue is the warmest color.
  26. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Hopes to Be ‘Really Fly’ at 90 Years OldShe’s well on her way.
  27. michelle obama’s bangs
    Michelle Obama Has Retired Her BangsBut we’ll never forget them.
  28. look of the day
    Is Zooey Deschanel Growing Out Her Bangs?Her new forehead curtains seem to suggest so.
  29. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Admits Her Bangs Are ‘Irritating’She’s growing them out.
  30. hairy situations
    Kim Kardashian Is Probably Already Over Her New BangsShe’s already finding tricks to hide them.
  31. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama’s Second Official Portrait, Bangs EditionA superficial analysis.
  32. Video: The Cut Plays Hairstylist for a Day Backstage at Thakoon Bang trims aren’t any easier on fake hair.
  33. the big bang theory
    A Theory on Why MObama Got Herself Some Bangs Is she hiding her brows while they grow out to a Brooke Shields–like fullness?
  34. mobama watch
    See Michelle Obama’s Bangs on Video, in MotionSo real you could reach out and stroke them.
  35. mobama watch
    To Discuss: Michelle Obama’s Birthday BangsOh MY.
  36. sisterhood
    Rose Byrne Has Bang Tips for Kate MiddletonShe told the Cut, in case the duchess was wondering.
  37. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton Plays Field Hockey in McQueenAt her alma mater, St. Andrew’s.
  38. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton’s New Bangs Continue Perilous Royal TourWith a few wind-related mishaps.
  39. duchesses!!!
    Kate Middleton’s New Bangs: A Multi-Zoom AnalysisAlso of note: She wore peace signs.
  40. banging day
    There is Now a Salon That Will Only Cut Your BangsFirst came braid bars. Then ponytail bars. And now this. 
  41. bang week
    Ten Tools and Products for the Best Bangs of Your Life How to keep them looking foxy.
  42. bang week
    Bang Gangs!From rock bangs to Spock bangs, and every length in between.
  43. bang week
    Street-Testing Bangs for the NoncommittalWe hit the sidewalks with a case full of clip-on bangs.