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  1. precedents
    France’s Burkini Bans Are Officially IllegalIt’s a legal precedent for all women in the country.
  2. controversies
    Police Forced a Woman to Remove Her Clothing on the Beach Due to Burkini BanFifteen towns have now banned the full-body swimsuit.
  3. controversies
    France Burkini Bans Get Prime Minister’s SupportHe’s backing mayors who recently outlawed the full-body swimsuit. 
  4. insta-bans
    Instagram Would Totally Free the Nipple If They CouldBlame Apple!
  5. man hair
    College Campus Bans Man-Buns, Making Them CoolerThe hairdo is too “extreme” for BYU-Idaho.
  6. mother knows best
    Tattooed Mom Allowed to Nurse Baby After AllTurns out the judge who banned a recently tattooed woman from breast-feeding her baby based his decision on “feelings” and some Google searches.
  7. our selfies ourselves
    Selfie Festival Known As Coachella Boldly Bans the Selfie Stick And its main operator, the Narcissist.
  8. bans
    School Bans Boy From Carrying My Little Pony BagIn North Carolina. 
  9. silly bans
    British Boarding School Eton Has a Major Snapchat ProblemBanned from the Wi-Fi networks.
  10. twerking
    California High School Bans TwerkingNothing like banning a type of dancing to cement its super-cool status.
  11. bans
    Keira Knightley’s Chanel Ad Is Corrupting Britain’s YouthThe commercial can’t air during children’s programing.
  12. silly bans
    American Apparel Has Several Explanations for That Banned Sexy AdThe model was the photographer’s girlfriend, for one thing.
  13. things are looking upton
    YouTube Came Around on Kate Upton’s Cat Daddy VideoAfter a brief ban, it’s back up.
  14. bans
    What Do ‘Thinspo’ Bans Really Accomplish?A rep from the National Eating Disorder Association weighs in.
  15. loose threads
    Indonesia Tries to Ban Miniskirts; Russell Simmons Plots a Yogawear LinePlus, Vogue Italia’s new cover, Victoria Beckham’s fit model, and more fashion news.
  16. fur files
    West Hollywood Still Trying to Ban the Sale of FurThe city council advanced a new version of the proposal.
  17. bans
    Azzedine Alaïa Supposedly Banned Vogue From His Show’Vogue’ supposedly banned its editors from going.