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  1. celebrity
    Michelle Obama Thinks Malia and Sasha Make ‘Weak’ MartinisThey’re adults now.
  2. awards season
    Quick, Someone Get Adele a Tony AwardAdele’s Emmy win brings her one step closer to the EGOT.
  3. oh no
    President Obama Has Tested Positive for COVIDHe’s experiencing mild symptoms.
  4. black lives matter
    The Fallacy of RepresentationIt’s taught us everything we need to know about power: that it’s a limited resource.
  5. the body politic
    America Is Back, IndeedWith Biden, we’ve restored our country’s favorite tradition: basic, middling, white patriarchy.
  6. culture
    The New Michelle Obama Doc Will Make You CryBecoming is a moving and poignant look at the former First Lady’s life.
  7. burning questions
    Obama Also Loves ‘Fleabag’I wonder what he thought of season one, specifically the pilot?
  8. culture
    Will George Clooney Ever Recover From His Plumbing Disaster?Oh no.
  9. politics
    After Smearing of Obama, Democrats Should Know How to Defend Ilhan OmarFor eight years, the right wing lobbed false, anti-Muslim attacks at Obama. Did Democrats actually learn from it?
  10. engagements
    The Obamas Have Blessed Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s UnionThe former president sent the couple a handwritten note.
  11. funerals
    Be Thankful You’re Not Sitting in This PewTrump made things extremely awkward at George H.W. Bush’s funeral.
  12. love and marriage
    Michelle Obama Says She and Barack Went to Couples Therapy“I feel vulnerable all the time. And I had to learn how to express that to my husband.”
  13. crime
    What to Know About the Man Arrested in Connection With the Mail BombsThe suspect, Cesar Sayoc, is reportedly a registered Republican with an extensive criminal history.
  14. terror
    What We Know About the Bombs Sent to Clinton, Obama, CNN, Biden, and OthersPolice have arrested a suspect in connection with the mail bombs. Here’s everyone he’s allegedly targeted, and how.
  15. politics
    Tired Boy Donald Trump Says He Fell Asleep During Obama’s SpeechAfter Obama asked how hard it is to say Nazis are bad.
  16. post-presidency life
    Michelle and Barack Obama Were Feeling the Music at the Beyoncé and Jay-Z ShowPower couple is fan of other power couple.
  17. babies
    The Obamas Can’t Wait to Meet Kate Middleton and Prince William’s New Royal Baby“We hope to meet him soon for a Kensington Palace pajama party.”
  18. royal wedding 2.0
    Here’s Why the Obamas Aren’t Invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s WeddingDonald Trump won’t be there either, for that matter.
  19. close readings
    Michelle Obama’s Mount Rushmore MomentLooking deeply at the new portraits of the former First Couple.
  20. appreciations
    Michelle Obama’s Portrait Is for All of Us Black GirlsIt’s a reminder to think big.
  21. portrait talk
    If You Like the Obamas’ National Portraits, You’ll Love the Artists’ Other WorkKehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald are both up-and-coming portraiture artists.
  22. the obamas
    Barack and Michelle Obama’s Official Portraits Are RevealedPainted by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald.
  23. political closets
    Michelle Obama Says Barack Doesn’t Have Enough ‘Closet Space’ in New House“He got so shortchanged on this whole deal.”
  24. conspiracy theories
    Eric Trump Suggests Ellen DeGeneres Is Part of the ‘Deep State’In which she joins forces with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
  25. politics
    Why Barack Obama Says He Felt ‘Serenity’ on Trump’s Inauguration Day“The first thing that went through my mind was, sitting across from Michelle, how thankful I was that she had been my partner.”
  26. bad cookies
    This Pic of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump Jr., and an Obama Cookie Cake Will Haunt YouHow mature.
  27. actually good things
    You Need to See Barack Obama Play SantaHe delivered gifts and all.
  28. politics
    Here’s What Barack Obama Says About Why More Women Need to Run for OfficeHmmmmm.
  29. hot shot
    Here’s Barack Obama Reporting for Jury Duty in ChicagoJust a regular citizen in Chicago.
  30. usa
    Even Former Presidents Get Jury DutyBarack Obama reportedly plans to serve in a Cook County jury.
  31. welcome to new york
    Could the Obamas Be Considering a Move to the Upper East Side?Yes, according to a report from “Page Six.”
  32. dads
    Barack Obama Cried After Dropping Malia Off at Harvard“It was a little bit like open-heart surgery.”
  33. freshman
    Looks Like Malia Obama Is All Moved In at HarvardShe was spotted with her parents, Barack and Michelle, on campus.
  34. hotshot
    This Is How the Obamas Are Spending Their SummerObama is America’s vacation-dad-in-chief.
  35. Michelle Obama Says Barack Basically Wore the Same Black Tux for 8 Years“That’s the unfair thing … no matter what we do, he puts on that same tux.”
  36. street style
    Here’s Who’s Responsible for Barack Obama’s Cool New Style“He’s copying me in that regard.”
  37. nothing but a
    Here’s What Barack Obama Reportedly Thinks About Donald TrumpObama “friends” told People what he reportedly said.
  38. Chelsea Manning Released From Prison After 7 YearsShe celebrated her first steps on Instagram.
  39. hotshot
    In His New Life, Obama Is a Street-Style StarMove over, Vacation Obama.
  40. politics
    Watch Barack Obama’s Sweet Thank You to Michelle for Sticking by His SideHe thanked her for sticking around now that her official duties are over.
  41. the obamas
    The Obamas’ Law Professor Thinks Michelle Should’ve Been President“He was good, but she was better.”
  42. nostalgia
    Please Enjoy These Adorable Old Photos of the Obamas Playing in the SnowAh, memories.
  43. play time
    The Obamas Visited Malia and Sasha’s Old Swing SetThey originally offered it to Donald Trump’s family.
  44. political fashion
    The Artist Helping Make Obama’s Dream Hawaiian T-Shirt Shack a RealityThe president joked that he dreams of opening a store that only sells medium-sized white T-shirts. So Emily Spivack created one.
  45. the obamas
    First Lady Michelle Obama Shares a Sweet Throwback Photo of the ObamasMy, how the years have flown by.
  46. farewell address
    Watch Barack Obama’s Emotional Tribute to His Family During His Farewell AddressGrab a tissue, you’ll need it.
  47. President Obama Was That Guy in Your MFAThe president was once “wildly pretentious.”
  48. women’s health
    It’ll Soon Be Illegal to Defund Planned Parenthood Just for Providing AbortionsOn the state level, at least.
  49. year in review 2016
    The Year in Black JoyA look back at the moments that made a terrible year salvageable.
  50. donald trump
    Michael Lewis on the Psychological Quirks Trump Exploited to Become PresidentRiffing off his new book, the author explains that he is extremely worried about Donald Trump’s personality and thirst for certainty.
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